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American Silver Eagle Sales Decline 75% In July? – Louis Cammarasno

American Silver Eagles are sold by the U.S. Mint through a distribution network of “authorized purchasers.”  Earlier this year, those distributors were buying ASEs at a level that exceeded retail sales, building an inventory with the presumed hope of capturing rising premiums at a later date.  Now, that inventory is being worked down.  Retail sales did NOT fall 75%.  Louis Cammarasno at Smaulgld explains in his latest video:

Click here to read Mr. Cammarasno’s accompanying article.

Last Friday, the “Doc” and Eric Dubin discussed U.S. Mint and ASE trends with Sunshine Minting CEO Tom Power.  Click here for further context on these distribution system wrinkles.  Sunshine is the largest supplier of silver blanks to the US Mint, which are used to produce ASEs.

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  1. andrew james says:

    Maybe the authorized purchasers are waiting for a smack down.