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Anti-Gun Obama on the March: Two New Executive Orders

TND Exclusive / By Prepper Jack / obama-executive-order-guns

Concealment and subterfuge on the part of the Executive Branch, exercised during the Fog of War, is a classic means of stripping American freedoms.  The baleful cloud of mist that swirls around the White House as America is distracted by Obama’s beating of the war drums against Syria has proven perfect cover to stamp out two more Executive Orders (EOs) involving fire arms.  Obama is taking a chapter out of his buddy Rahm Emanuel’s playbook:  “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste

Last week Obama signed 2 Executive Orders that are, on the surface, seemingly minor in his ongoing assault against the rights of the people, the Constitution, and the Second Amendment.  This latest action is like a cruise missile attack against an aspirin factory in the Sudan.  These are the acts of a bully.

The first EO is intended to counter HR 2247, a measure introduced by Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyoming), called the Collectible Firearms Protection Act.  The law was written to allow the continued re-importation of older firearms, particularly the M1 Garand, and M1 Carbine.  It countered the State Department’s action to ban re-importation of these firearms, 250,000 of which were repatriated since 2005.  The EO affects these military grade weapons, including some older 22 cal pistols and other “curio and relic-type” weapons. The stated intention was to prevent these firearms from falling into the hands of criminals.


These weapons are already strictly controlled and sold to collectors that follow regulations with great care.  The Civilian Marksmanship Program handled a great many of these firearms.  It’s a 110 year old non-profit organization set up to buy “curio” and “relic” firearms for resale to individuals who then use them for the Shooting Arts — along with people that preserve these historical weapons.  Children and adults have enjoyed the use of these collector firearms acquired through the CMP for over a century. Existing law already requires that in order to acquire one of these weapons, even more rigorous background checks must be cleared than that required for an ordinary person buying a generic firearm at the local gun store.

According to the details of the new EO, only the military, police and museums may now have access to these collector-grade firearms.  The EO was announced by “Shotgun” Joe Biden on August 29 at the swearing in of Todd B. Jones, the new head of the  ATF.  It was rumored that Barney Fife was in attendance, nodding solemnly, happy in the knowledge that he might get an upgrade with more firepower than his 38 caliber Smith and Wesson Police Special — maybe even an extra round for his trusty rusty blaster.

Speaking of “Shotgun Joe,” people around the internet have been having a field day producing spoof videos about his legendary experience with guns.  Some are quite hilarious.

But I digress…

When it comes to the ATF, remember that this is the same agency responsible for Fast and Furious, a government sponsored gun running operation that funneled thousands of high quality military-style battle rifles to Mexican drug cartels. It does bear mentioning that the death toll from the 4,000+ Fast and Furious guns the ATF let loose now numbers in the hundreds of people.   Compare that to the total number firearm fatalities in this country during 2011.  In America, there are 150,000,000 firearms in private hands.  According to 2011 FBI statistics, there were 12,644 fire arms deaths, 323 from rifles.  Yet how many of these deaths from curio and relic weapons?

ZERO.  Chalk up another victory from the Battle Rifle Bobsey Twins, Biden and Obama.  These two should not be allowed to be near a firearm  much less touch one.  Ditto for matches and knives.

The second Executive Order applied to an even more obscure regulation.  For a person to acquire an automatic weapon, whether it be a Tommy Gun, an M16 or other sub-machine gun, most people use a trust to hold title. The firearm taken in title through a trust does not require a background check.  The new EO mandates a background check.  This seemingly small matter would normally escape the notice of the public since few people seek to acquire an M16 or Tommy Gun through a trust. If an individual wants to buy an automatic weapon there is a standard background check, a 4-6 month waiting period, a substantial fee of up to $400, and the absolutely requirement that the weapon is secured in a safe only accessible by the person on the ATF license.

The justification for the EO is straightforward enough:  prevent criminals and thieves from getting fully automatic weapons.  However, it would have been wise to consider the following questions:

How many criminals have used automatic weapons in crimes after acquiring them through a trust?  ZERO.

How many criminal acts have been committed with a gun owned in this manner, under these existing, strict regulations?  ZERO.

Do criminals have access to full-auto weapons? That is an affirmative.  Ask the gangs who use them regularly.  Will this EO make a bit of difference in the overall scheme of things when it comes to stopping criminals using automatic weapons?  Absolutely not.

This brings us full circle, right back to the original issue.  These Executive Orders are being justified by bogus claims, and they’re being signed by a president who knows next to nothing about firearms.  The Whitehouse would be wise to not do any more skeet blasting photo shoots lest the President shoot himself in the foot or his dog by accident.  It is a shame he’s the Commander in Chief of these United States.

Criminals will always get their hands on guns.  All these gun restrictions will accomplish is the chipping away of rights of law abiding citizens.  Furthermore, have you ever thought about criminal gun deaths in the context of other fatality statistics?  Doctors accidentally kill more than seven times as many people than criminal gun-related homicides.  “Democide,” the killing of innocent civilians by governments (usually, unarmed citizenry!) has been responsible for 275 million murders in the last century!  The contrast should make any thinking person take pause.

Annual Fatality Statistics

Doctor mistakes                95,000

Misprescribed drugs       106,000

Drunk driving                     13,000

Driving fatalities                40,000

Firearm deaths                    12,644

Death by rifles                          323


The Founding Fathers understood the right to bear arms shall not be infringed because it is protection against government tyranny that is indeed a god given, inalienable right.


Note:  The picture of Obama is not from the signing of these EOs.  It was his political theater when signing legislation following the Sandy Hook shooting.

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