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Published On: Mon, Jan 27th, 2020

Are Apple, Stocks 'A Random Walk'? No; Anyone Can Time The Stock Market Bottom

In one corner, you have conventional wisdom surrounding stocks today and many experts like Burton Malkiel, professor emeritus at Princeton University and the author of “A Random Walk Down Wall Street.” In the other corner, you have IBD’s founder William O’Neil, and plenty of other investment pros with a real track record of long-term investing success.


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These two sides disagree in a fundamental way over whether or not one can time the market.

Malkiel’s book states that there’s “no point in following any technical trading rule for the timing of purchases or sales. A simple policy of buying and holding will be at least as good as any technical procedure.”

The Successful Investor In Stocks Today

Meanwhile, O’Neil’s investing books, including “The Successful Investor” and “How to Make Money in Stocks,” and the weekly newspaper IBD Weekly have been among those arguing the opposite for years. The Read Full Article

Source: Investor Corner – IBD

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