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Banks RULE The United States – John Titus on SGT Report

veneer of justice in a kingdom of crime

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TND Podcast Spotlight:  SGT Report

The criminal global banking cartel has effected a coup d’etat in the U.S. – Criminal banks like Goldman Sachs are now above the law. To date, the U.S. Department of Justice has failed to prosecute even one too-big-to-fail bank for the pervasive criminal frauds that drove the multi-trillion-dollar economic meltdown of 2008. And they aren’t going to either.

As researcher and filmmaker John Titus of the Best Evidence You Tube channel reminds us, the supremacy of LAW over human authority is at the very core of what defined the Republic of the United States. A coup in the U.S. would find America subverted at its very roots, with the equivalent of a King – or the banks – replacing law, as the supreme power. And thanks to the Department of Justice, that is exactly what has happened.

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