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Published On: Mon, Nov 7th, 2016

Can U.S. Elections Really Be Stolen? Yes! Professor Mark Crispin Miller Addresses Electronic Voting, Exit Polls, Trump’s Claims and More

“We have the worst voting system in the developed world.  This is not hyperbole on my part.  Harvard just came out with a study that ranked the United States dead last in election integrity in the entire developed world.” – Professor Mark Crispin Miller, who is considered to be a “progressive” in his political worldview, and NOT a Trump supporter.

Professor Mark Crispin Miller, author of numerous books and articles on computerized election fraud, explores the very real possibilities.

Source:  Mark Crispin Miller YouTube Channel


Mark Crispin Miller who is Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University talks about US government propaganda, the corporate media, the CIA and the Russian “Putin” threat. Miller also discusses how the corporate media tried to get him fired using a NYU graduate student working for VICE owned by Rupert Murdock. He also looks at the role of the CIA and the US government in their organized effort to demonize Putin and Russia and create a US population hysteria similar to the 1950s. This interview was done during the Project Censored 40th anniversary at Sonoma State University on October 22, 2016 by Pacifica KPFA WorkWeek host Steve Zeltzer:

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