“But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success.”Adolf Hitler

What is really going on with economy, markets and the Trump administration?  Debt ceiling fireworks on the horizon?  Tune into this week’s “Operation Freedom” for experts discuss recent developments with Dr. Dave Janda:

Gold researcher Koos Jansen reports tonight that the U.S. Mint has provided him with some documents in response to his freedom-of-information request for documents related to audits of the U.S. gold reserve but the documents provided are incomplete, redacted, and hundreds of pages short of the number of pages he was told were involved for which he was charged, and so the Mint has refunded his payment.

The Bank of Japan signaled it will keep loose monetary policy while the perception of tightening monetary policy by the Federal Reserve dominates market expectations. Off to the races! The yen started to swan dive against the dollar, and euro dives after terrorist attack.

India’s prime minister Modi is likely going to be thrown out of office during the next election given his government’s war on gold.  He sucked-up to the Indian jewelry industry to gain support to be elected in the first place.  Now, the industry sees his true colors.  

Attacking gold and gold holders has nothing to do with an attempt to crack down on corruption, but it is an effort to stop average Indian people from attempting to use gold as protection against the Indian government and India’s insane history of inflation debasing the Indian currency, the rupee.

If the Indian government was truly interested in the welfare of its people rather than participating in the preservation of the interests of its banking system and, by extension, playing a role in the international financial world order, India would classify gold imports as the purchase of money, rather than the purchase of a commodity so as to make India’s current account deficit problem that harms the value of its currency pretty much disappear as a concern.  But then, that would be too damn intelligent.  It’s far more important to screw little people and keep the system humming. – Eric Dubin

You know Mining CEO Keith Neumeyer for his expertise in precious metals.  Rory Hall polls Mr. Neumeyer on more than just precious metals in this outstanding interview.  Catch my Silver Doctors interview too: click here.  – E.D.

What’s next?  Deutsche Bank coming to a settlement regarding their participation in the rigging of the London bullion market?  We’ll probably hear news on that front before the end of the year as the company tries to bury its sins.  DB will need one heck of a large hole, as there’s much the company would like to bury, and billion dollar fines have become nothing more than a cost of doing business in the world of too big to fail “investment” banking. – E.D.

The “central clearing exchanges,” like the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation, are giant derivatives-infested vipers nest which harbors the next – and possibly imminent – financial system collapse.


With gold and silver prices smashed through significant levels after the London close this afternoon, Craig Hemke joined the show to analyze the brutal take-down:

  • Smash timing suggests tightness in London physical market
  • Price manipulation is like pornography – its hard to define, but you know it when you see it, and today was blatant
  • Hemke: “these bastard banks are backed into a corner!” – are we witnessing the cartel’s last ditch attempt to stop an epic gold and silver bull market?
  • LME, Goldman Sachs, and World Gold Council collaborate to launch “physical” un-allocated gold contracts
  • Hemke explains the factor that has become the single biggest fundamental reason to own gold and silver bullion

Catch this week’s show for Hemke’s epic rant and spot-on analysis: