Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn speaks at the Defense Intelligence Agency change of directorship at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, July 24, 2012. (DoD photo by Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo)

President Trump’s acceptance of National Security Advisor Flynn’s resignation marks Official Washington’s first big success in neutering Trump and killing hopes for a détente with Russia.  Hysteria over Russia gained added strength because Democrats were so angry over Trump’s election that liberal and progressive operatives saw a chance to build a movement and raise lots of money by pushing the Trump-Putin accusations.

This opportunism has turned much of the liberal/progressive community into a pro-New Cold War constituency willing to engage in a new breed of McCarthyism by demanding intensive investigations into alleged connections between Americans and Russians.


The United States and her allies made war on Syria.  For years, Western mainstream media has be telling lies about American and allied support for terrorists (freedom fighters) the U.S. sought to have further geopolitical objectives.  Now, the mainstream media lies are so over the top that liberals are having their heart strings pulled as their brains turn off on account of having zero understanding of what actually happened in the Syrian war theater.  Liberals and progressives that are antiwar have been lobotomized by mainstream media.  It was easy for liberals and progressives to understand a war of aggression when it was launched by former President George W. Bush;  most of the same core nutcase “neocons” in the Dubya’ administration are behind the war on Syria.  Wake-up, America.  The “Fake News” outlets are the mainstream media, not The News Doctors, ZeroHedge, Dr. Ron Paul’s media outlets, and other fine organizations the jackasses at The Washington Post labeled as propaganda.  – Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors 



Beijing (dpa) – China has commended US President Donald Trump for a letter he has sent President Xi Jinping anticipating a “constructive relationship” between the two countries, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said Thursday. The leaders of the two largest economies in the world haven’t spoken by phone since Trump’s inauguration, though the US president has spoken…


Mr Engdahl discusses the role USAID has played in advancing the war on cash/gold in India and bigger policy objectives versus the euro and what the threat of the war on cash really means.  


I was wrong. I thought Gen. Mattis was a reasonable choice as he rejects the efficacy of torture, and, according to Trump, convinced Trump that “torture doesn’t work.” Apparently Mattis cannot reach beyond this realization to higher geo-political realizations. Trump needs to fire Mattis who has placed the Pentagon in the way of normal relations with Russia.

Lawrence Summers

Trump is equated to being a fascist xenophobe with Hitler dictatorial tendencies and, a murder of American values.  America helped to create the refugee problem in the first place by literally making war on Syria and Libya.  Now, Americans are being lied to about what is “normal” American policy on conflict refugees.  People like Larry Summers don’t want you to understand just how recent this policy shift happened and why it happened.