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TND Guest Contributor:  Jon Rappoport

The Pope was sitting in his Popemobile bubble outside the UN. He was eating a Twix and looking over his speech notes when the phone rang. He picked up.

Pope: Yes?

God: It’s God, Francis. What’s happening down there?

Pope: What, no hello, how are you doing?

God: Cut the crap. Is the UN buying your end-poverty-hunger-global warming pitch?

Pope: Of course. The UN, Obama, and I are on the same page. That’s why I’m here in New York. You think I’d visit this place otherwise? Looks like they won’t even let me go see the Mets.

God: No blowback so far? What you’re selling is very thin, you know. High-flying rhetoric, no specifics.

Pope: High-flying rhetoric is what I do. We’ve talked about this before.

God: Yeah, but if you were really serious about poverty, you’d offer a plan, a pilot project for one African country, a test case. Nobody is pointing that out? Clean up the contaminated water supplies, give back stolen farm land to the people?

Pope: Not a peep about it.

God: Nothing on the Internet?

Pope: I don’t read the Internet.

God: What about Obama? What are your impressions?

Pope: On the surface, he seems clueless. But he’s on board.

God: On board with what?

Pope: Rockefeller, Brzezinski.

God: I spoke with David R last night. He seemed a little worried. When he’s worried, so am I.

Pope: Look, G, we’re good. Jobs have been leaving the industrialized countries for decades. It’s nothing new. You know, open up new factories in Third World hellholes, pay the workers three cents an hour, dispense with environmental regs. Millions of jobs lost back at home. It’s SOP.

God: And nobody is saying the whole Globalist operation is a cause of poverty?

Pope: Nobody cares about poverty or unemployment in industrialized countries. The story line is all about poverty in Africa and Asia. Again, we’ve talked this through before.

God: That quote of yours is getting more play these days.

Pope: Which one? I’m a quote machine.

God: “I want a poor church for the poor.”

Pope: Not a problem.

God: No? The church has assets worth, what, a few hundred trillion dollars? And collection plates keep filling up.

Pope: People expect rich leaders to talk about ending poverty. It’s perfectly acceptable. You know: “I made it and now I’m going to give back.”

God: Yeah. Well, the history of how the church “made it” is pretty damning.

Pope: Where have you been, G? History is passe.

God: What year is it down there?

Pope: You’re kidding, right?

God: I’ve got a lot on my plate. It’s easy to lose track.

Pope: Take a guess.

God: 1975.

Pope: You’re hilarious. Try 2016.

God: I wasn’t that far off. A century down there is like a minute up here.

Pope: Yeah, sure. This is me you’re talking to, G. Don’t give me that space-time continuum jive.

God: Anyway, I’ve got pressure on me from the Corporate Board. They want more poverty and hunger and chaos.

Pope: Patience. Things are working out.

God: In case you’ve forgotten, the Church does best when times are worst. That’s the whole thrust of the current op. Drive the world back into the Middle Ages. Disease, pestilence, poverty, rampant crime, famine, war, all the usual horrors. That’s the greatness of the Church. It knows how to make hay in that environment. Better than anyone else.

Pope: I’m well aware, G. I’m a Jesuit, remember? Who thought up this whole op centuries ago? Listen, are you okay?

God: Nothing I can’t handle.

Pope: Because it sounds like you’re slipping.

God: The Corporate Board is worried about blowback on the Church. See, this isn’t the Middle Ages. It was one thing to introduce rampant chaos when all the people had were bows and arrows and stones and catapults. But now…I was just reading a weapons catalog the other day. Wow. It’s ridiculous. The firepower. Some of these crazies—

Pope: I get the point. We’re covered. Are you still seeing your shrink?

God: He put me on Lithium for Bipolar. I’ve gained thirty pounds.

Pope: I see. And you were pretty heavy to begin with.

God: I’m roly-poly now. It’s not a good image. I just started on Valproate. I get these blinding headaches.

Pope: You want a suggestion? Find a good psychiatrist and have him slowly withdraw you from the drugs. Don’t stop them all at once, whatever you do. It could be catastrophic. Then, when you’re clean, get a medical card and switch to pot.

God: Hmm. Wouldn’t want that story to get out.

Pope: Did you see my speech to the US Congress the other day? 130 Representatives and Senators are Catholics.

God: I watched a few minutes. Your accent is thick. I had trouble understanding you. What did Obama say about it?

Pope: He was happy. You know, he’s a devout Christian…

God: Yeah. And I’m a Zoroastrian.

Pope: If we can put this carbon tax piece together with the global warming piece and the poverty and hunger piece, we could hit pay dirt. Create all kinds of planetary disruption.

God: Promises, promises.

Pope: Slow and steady. America is the biggest obstacle. That’s why I’m here. And you know Hillary is waiting in the wings. She’ll pick up from where Obama left off.

God: I talked to Hillary last week.

Pope: What did she say?

God: She called me honey. Can you believe it?

Pope: I hear she has health problems.

God: Put it this way. If she knew she was going to drop dead her first day in office, she’d still run for President. The woman’s a wolverine.

Pope: If Obama has any concerns, they’re about these upcoming Globalist trade treaties he’s pushing. The TPP, the TTIP. People might start catching on that he’s ushering in deeper poverty. Which, of course, he is.

God: He’s got his marching orders. He knows why he was put in as President. He can’t turn back.

Pope: He doesn’t want to turn back. He’s just skittish about exposure.

God: All he has to do is keeping saying the treaties are a great deal for everyone. He’s good at saying the same thing over and over. Broad brush strokes, empty homilies.

Pope: We’ve got a high wall at Vatican City.

God: I was going to talk to you about that. Not a good look for you. Your immigration policy comes off like zero tolerance.

Pope: We may have to let in a couple of migrant families and showcase their sympathetic stories. Of course, we’d vet them to make sure they’re docile.

God: Don’t mess it up. What’s new on the pedophile priest front?

Pope: More hush money to victims. Priest relocations. We sent one guy to a little chapel in the north of Alaska. He’s locked down. The whole pedophile thing is a disaster, of course, but, traditionally, proximity to young boys has been a strong selling point to applicants for the priesthood.

God: I don’t want any connection made between pedo-priests and other pedo-networks.

Pope: We’re on it.

God: All in all, Francis, I can’t say I’m happy so far with your term in office. It’s shaky. You’re vulnerable.

Pope: Do I need to remind you that you’re getting a considerable cut of our action? You don’t have to lift a finger. The money keeps rolling in.

God: About that, Francis. For the past three years, my gross has been declining significantly.

Pope: Our 1.2 billion members are the exclusive result of our promotional work. Without us, you might be living in a small condo.

God: You work for me.

Pope: So you claim. In case you’ve forgotten, Church members can only approach you indirectly, through our priests. We own the pipeline.

God: Another conversation for another time.

Pope: That’s what a cartel does. It builds and maintains a pipeline.

God: Stay safe, Francis.

Pope: What’s that supposed to mean?

God: Whatever you want it to mean. You’re the Pope, right? I’m just a figurehead.

Pope: That’s not what I said.

God: I know what you said. I see exorcisms are on the rise these days. You never know who’s going to get expelled next.

Pope: Easy, big G. Easy.

God: There’s the easy way and the hard way. I’m practiced at both. I’ve been at this for a long time.

Pope: If you want a war…

God: You think you’re ready for that? I talk to lots of major people down there all the time. People with big names. People behind those people. People who have no names anyone has ever heard of. We’re pals.

Pope: You’re breaking up. I’m losing signal.

God: As Obama loves to say, “We’re all in this together.” Keep that in mind. We’ve had a good thing going for a long time. I mean the Church and I. You’re the latest “infallible one.” Don’t kid a kidder, Francis. Do your job. Work the basic op. The Corporate Board is watching.

Pope: I can’t hear you.

God: I’m reading from the basic instruction manual now: “Reality is manufactured. Its purpose is to provide a space and time into which every person fits. Reality is a waking dream we design for the masses.” Keep it that way, Francis.

Pope: All I’m getting is static. I’m hanging up.

God: We’ve got a new machine here. It can put a voice directly into your head. No phone necessary. Sleep warm, kid.

# # # #

About Jon Rappoport:

Mr. Rappoport is the author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALEDEXIT FROM THE MATRIX and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX.  Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

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TND VideoCast Spotlight:  SNL

Compared to recent broadcasts, Saturday Night Live went easy on Hillary this weekend.  But SNL continues to kick her around way beyond the kid glove treatment of 2015.  Best laugh line?  Both “candidates” joke about massive corruption and how everything is rigged.

Source: Saturday Night Live YouTube channel.

trump oregon emails

TND Exclusive: Eric Dubin

I manage the official email accounts for the Republican Party of Jackson County, Oregon.  We’re receiving rather amusing “spam” worthy of sharing, and a number of other counties are also receiving the same message.  My guess is that the “author” is anti-Trump and these messages are intended to annoy.  But who knows?  Maybe there are a bunch of people in Myanmar that truly want Trump to be the next U.S. President.  In any event, the same origin account has sent these daily missives for nearly a week.

——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: Requesting that the Voters of the Oregon State vote for Mr.Donald Trump.(p…).
Date: Tue, 3 May 2016 14:26:25 +0630
From: myokyaw22201836 <>

The Voters,
The Republican Party,
The Oregon State,
The United States Of America.

Dear the Voters,

We request that the Voters of the Oregon State,the Voters of the
Republican Party,vote for Mr.Donald Trump in the Republican
Presidential Primary in Oregon on 17th May,2016 and in the US
Presidential Election in Oregon on 8th November,2016.

Yours faithfully,

The Residents Of Yangon,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The People Of Myanmar,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Engineering University Students,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The University Students,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Maritime University Students,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Teacher Training University Students,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Computer Science University Students,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Nursing University Students,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Foreign Languages University Students,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Forestry University Students,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Farmers,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Workers,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Sailors,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Car Drivers,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Bus Conductors,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Sidecar Drivers,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Motorcycle Taxi Drivers,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Actors and the Actresses,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Tailors and Designers,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Customers,Staffs and Owners,
The Kosan Cafe,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Customers,Staffs and Owners,
The Cyber Max Internet Cafe,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Customers,Staffs and Owners,
The Diamond Internet Cafe,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Customers,Staffs and Owners,
The Castle Internet Cafe,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Customers,Staffs and Owners,
The Linn Yon Internet Cafe,
The Union Of Republic Of Myanmar.

The Passers-by,
The U Tun Lin Cham Street,Hledan,Kamayut Township,Yangon,Myanmar.

Mr.Khin Win,
Ms.Khin Than Myint,
Mr.Win Myint Oo,
Ms.Khin Thu Zar Phyo,
Mr.Khant Ko Ko,
Mr.Zaw Win Myint,
Ms.Kyawk Kyawk Htway,
Mr.Myo Kyaw,
Ms.Htway Htway Mar,
Mr.Yan Aung Kyaw,
Ms.A Thari Aung Thin,
Mr.Soe Tun,
Ms.Cho Cho Mar,
Mr.Ye Thura Tun,
Ms.Cho La Pyae Tun,
Ms.Hnin Thi Tar,
Mr.Soe Pyae Wa,
Ms.Poe Ei Phyu,
Mr.Shine Pyae Naung,
Mr.Aung Htway,
Ms.Aye Mar Wai,
Mr.Aung Phyo Kyaw,
Ms.Yin Moe Aye,
Mr.Myo Aung,
Ms.Tin Tin Aye,
Mr.Than Aung,
Ms.Aye Sandi Myo,
Ms.Kyi Lin Shin Thant,
Mr.Zay Yar Myo,
Mr.Tay Zar Myo,
Mr.Nay Thu Rain Myo,
Mr.Chit Tun,
Ms.Myint Myint Khin,
Mr.Nyein Chan,
Mr.Aye Chan,
Mr.Zaw Myint Tun,
Ms.Kay Thwe Oo,
Mr.Kaung Myat Tun,
Mr.Win Thu Tun,
Ms.May Myo,
Mr.Myo Min Toe,
Ms.Chan Mya Aye,
Mr.Phone Pyae Zone,
Ms.Phoo Thakhin,
Ms.Thet Thet Htway,
Mr.San Myint,
Ms.Myat Myat Htway,
Ms.Eaint Eaint Thu,
Mr.Thu Rane Zaw,
Ms.Na Di Moe Yan.
Butt of his own jokes at 2016 White House "Correspondents' Dinner" (Source:  William Banzai7; )

Butt of his own jokes at 2016 White House “Correspondents’ Dinner” (Source: William Banzai7; )

Graphic Credit:

Graphic Credit:

TND Exclusive:  Eric Dubin

If the shift clearly visible on Saturday Night Live is any indication, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party “establishment” face a growing problem.  An increasing number of Americans are recognizing that the majority of what Clinton claims to champion is nothing but a self-serving act, and that she’s a pathological liar.

Kate McKinnon plays the fictional Clinton on SNL. Most Clinton skits McKinnon has performed have been rather tame. Sure, McKinnon has taken many jabs, but never like what we’re now seeing. In fact, Clinton has frequently appeared on SNL, and even interacted with McKinnon. The humor in a skit like the following is tame, and Clinton is downright self deprecating.  The tone and subtext of the SNL script is VERY supportive of Clinton:

That skit was broadcast last October.  A whole heck of a lot of waking-up has happened in the last 5 months.  This was broadcast last weekend:

Yikes!  SNL mixes references to Bernie Sanders and “Hillary” even conjures-up an echo and imagery of slouched-over, jowel-rattling Tricky Dick Nixon’s double-hand peace salute.  McKinnon’s character all but says, “I’m not a crook.” The subtextual message translates into exactly that message, while caricaturing Clinton as a self-serving liar.  Liberal leaning SNL painting Clinton as “Tricky Dick”?  That’s got to hurt.

Art imitates life.  Traditionally, SNL is supportive of the “liberal worldview” Clinton supposedly champions.  Increasingly, liberals are becoming aware that Hillary Clinton is not who she represents herself to be.