The Turkish government has indirectly criticized its NATO ally, the US, for harboring Fethullah Gülen, whom Ankara blames for masterminding Friday’s military coup attempt. The cleric is currently living in self-imposed exile in the States.

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China has risen to become Brazil’s biggest export market [Xinhua]
The Chinese Ministry of Commerce said in a statement on Friday that Brazil planned to use the United States as an analogue country for a benchmark review to evaluate this Chinese steel export.China has urged the Michel Temer government in Brazil to stop using the controversial ‘Surrogate Country’ approach in its anti-dumping investigation into Chinese high-carbon steel wire.

When the Surrogate Country approach is in effect, a third country or region’s prices can be used to assess if a given country is exporting below market value or dumping.

What do the coup attempt in Turkey, Donald Trump’s US presidential candidacy, the Brexit referendum, and the rise of populist parties in France, Germany, and elsewhere have in common? They all reflect deep anxieties among many citizens about the functioning of their democracies and the openness of their societies.

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