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Published On: Thu, Jan 26th, 2017

CNN Lies; Another Example of Spin Machine in Action

Regardless of one’s opinion about Donald Trump, it is entirely unacceptable that mainstream media are purposefully operating like spin machines, framing reality rather than reporting on basic facts and letting you make up your own mind as to how to interpret reality.  The mainstream media calls The News Doctors “Fake News”?  Lunacy.  – Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors

TND Guest Contributor:  Roy Hall | The Daily Coin

Perspective and Perception

Over the past two months we have heard the words “fake news” time and again. Whenever corporate media uses the term they are referencing the independent news organizations that are found on the internet. We, the independent media, are crushing the dying corporate, presstitute media that sold its soul to the CIA decades ago. CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC, along with all their subservient stations, are having a much harder time convincing people to listen to their lies, deceit and propaganda as the people want actual news that helps keep them informed about the reality of their communities and their world.

The depths of deceit these dying legacy organizations will reach to create news reached a zenith with Brian Williams and the stories – ongoing saga – of how he was in a helicopter that was fired upon by the “enemy”, while in Iraq, that were exposed as nothing but a grand lie – also called propaganda. This was the final straw for a great many Americans that were seeking “news” through their TV. People began, in earnest, turning their back on these dinosaurs of “reporting”.

Bill Still is reporting another act of deception through perception for the dying corporate media. CNN has been caught in another fake news story that demonstrates these people know no bounds when it comes to lies, deceit and propaganda. The good news is – no one hardly watches CNN any longer as their nonsense has become too much for anyone with an IQ above single digits.

If you still believe the dying corporate media has anything to report of value – anything at all – spend the next two and half minutes allowing Mr. Still to explain, once again, why these lying liars are not worthy of one minute of your precious time. If you are not convinced that CNN, specifically, is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the establishment, then I’m not sure what else to say.

We now have photographic proof that President Trump’s inaugural crowd was at least as big as President Obama’s in 2009. Plus we now have proof that CNN inserted a photo of Trump’s crowd from earlier in the morning, then compared it to 2009 Obama’s which was taken at noon. Fake News!!!
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