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Published On: Tue, Jul 26th, 2016

Comedian, Talkshow Host Adam Carolla on Secret of Success

In a frank and revealing interview, Adam Carolla shares with Phil and John how he broke into media – valuable lessons applicable to any field of life. 

TND Podcast Spotlight: Kennedy Financial

In episode 63, Phil interviews comedian, author and podcaster Adam Carolla to discuss money, business and careers. Phil and John cover Hillary Clinton, the RNC and the ongoing student loan bubble. Share us with a friend!

11:02 Start of Adam Carolla interview
11:26 Why should people work for free?
13:33 Why did you hire a money manager?
15:20 How can people achieve more in life?
18:05 Why do people prefer fantasy to reality?
21:00 How do you block out negativity and harsh criticism?
23:04 How can people find Adam’s work and products?

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kennedy financial logoPhilip and John Kennedy produce the Kennedy Financial podcast. Kennedy Financial is a volunteer-based non-profit dedicated to teaching families personal finance through the principles of free market capitalism and sound money.  All services are FREE and confidential.  Visit the Kennedy Financial website: Click here.  Visit their YouTube channel:  Click here.

Philip is an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) candidate.  Philip also has over fourteen years of audit, forensic accounting and fraud investigation experience in the public and private sectors.  He is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Maryland and Virginia, and he is a member of the American Institute of CPAs.  Philip holds a Masters in Business Administration degree from George Washington University and a certificate as a Certified Fraud Examiner from the ACFE.  He is a student of Austrian Economics and a member of the Mises Institute.

John is a graduate of William & Mary, and he has an extensive background in public, forensic and corporate accounting. As a student of the Austrian School of Economics, Mr. Kennedy possesses a strong desire to help clients manage their personal finances with sound money. John serves KF as Director of Communications and Marketing while the organization continues its steady growth.

This work is presented on The News Doctors with permission.

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