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  1. I will not be voting for any incumbents.  I want all new people!  Dismiss the Congress. Supreme Court, President and VP and draw names out of the Boston phone book.  They would do a far better job.  The problem is that when you have worked your way to becoming a Senator, Congressman, etc., you have sold your soul so many times there is nothing left.

  2. The "one world bank" thesis is an over-statement based on a hyper reading of interlocking corporate directorships (at least, if you're talking about the same thesis that Jeff Nielson writes about - and yes, I've read the studies he references). While there is indeed directorship overlap and collective interests that are facilitated, coordinated and served by relationships and the interface to the Bank of International Settlements, major central banks, and cross-fertilization and control that comes from large share holders owning large positions in multiple banks as well, the thesis of a "one world bank" is an over-statement. There is no "one world bank" level of integration. The more accurate model would be to say there are amalgamations of power, and each amalgamation pretty much has the EXACT SAME set of interests as all the other bank amalgamations within the global Western financial system. So, even when the Goldman Sachs amalgamation (which includes GS and more, but not a "one world bank") has corporate directors and executives that also serve as directors with other banks, and even though it takes marching orders from the BIS, it is NOT the case that the interlinking of Goldman Sachs executives and directors move beyond Goldman Sachs and touch all other major banks/amalgamations. Many of them having GS minions, of course. But again, this whole "one world bank" thesis based on interlocking corporate directorships is an over-statement. There is no "one world bank default reality" driven by interlocking corporate directorships. There is, however, a Western banking industry and oligarchy that acts within a system that is set-up in a way that, even though there are not total interlocking corporate directorships across the whole industry, the net result of how the Western global financial system is set-up and operates can give the appearance of a "one world bank default reality." Jeff Nielsen, of late, has been the most vocal advocate of this "one world bank" theory and he's over-stating the case. (Note, I didn't say he's 100% wrong; reality, however, is more nuanced)

  3. There's one problem with this article. For Reagan, you use "11 mass shootings", but for the other presidents, you use "mass murders." This is proven because you have 5 shootings with 8 or more people, which is at least 40 people murdered. Reagan needs to be changed to # of mass murders. Or every other president changed to # of mass shootings. Your inconsistent metrics are skewing the graph by making Reagan lower when he should be higher.

  4. I agree that something must be done. Unfortunately most Americans derive some benefit from the system in place and to root out the evil rot inherent in the system would mean that their freebies would stop. The rot is so deep that nothing less than a situation similar to France circa 1793 would do.

  5. I'm a bit of a Kennedy Assassination buff. Traveled to Daley Plaza to see it for myself. I'm convinced the government's version of events is a lie. When you look out the 6th floor sniper's nest window the natural shot to take would have been when the President's limo was heading straight toward the Texas Book Depository, not after it turned and began to veer away at an angle with a tree in the way. And when you inspect Kennedy's suit coat a bullet entered between his shoulder blades and exited his neck??? A shot from the 6th floor would have exited the President's abdomen. What makes sense to me is the shots came from a side window on the 2nd floor or 3rd floor of the Del-Tex building across the street. Trajectory works and it explains why "Oswald" did not take the natural shot. Jack Ruby is an interesting character. Shoot the shooter...that's a good strategy to cover up the truth. The official story is Ruby was out running errands that Sunday and decided to shoot Oswald. Who runs errands on a Sunday wearing a coat and tie? And who leaves his beloved little dog in the car, locks his keys in the trunk before doing it? Makes no sense. Several people saw the President's limo at the hospital and all say the blood splatter was all forward in the vehicle meaning no shooter on the Grassy Knoll. Additionally, when you're there in person the Grassy Knoll is too exposed. Best of all...a pristine bullet conveniently found on the hospital gurney that matches Oswald's piece of junk mail order rifle. Who's buying that?

  6. Perhaps the following will be helpful to some readers. Wealth destruction does indeed happen given the way the system is set-up, and it happens because as more and more currency units are created, the previously existing currency devalues. That is a form of wealth destruction. But other than devaluing the existing debt, an explicit strategy of the Fed that is called “financial repression” (no joke), it’s actually more insightful to say the master goal of the Fed is WEALTH TRANSFER – and to be able to do it without the public easily seeing the transfer. When Americans pay taxes, it’s up close and personal. But as the dollar loses purchasing power because the Fed is creating so much supply out of thin air, the impact to an average American that does not have much wealth stored in the form of financial and “hard” financial assets amounts to a hidden form of taxation. Wealthy people, meanwhile, usually have a large enough percentage of their wealth in the form of financial assets that, over time, rise in nominal price (and if it’s a profitable company, etc., in real price terms too). Let’s use a hypothetical example to illustrate the mechanics. Let’s say we have two individuals, a poor person that only has $20 net savings, and a rich person. Furthermore, let’s say this rich person also has one share of stock that is priced at $20. The rich person has a whole heck of a lot of other stocks and other assets, of course, and you’ll see how that comes into the picture in a minute. When the nominal price of a stock goes from $20 to $40 per share, it has doubled in “value.” But if the dollar over the same period of time has lost 10% of its value, you have to take that $40 and reduce it by 10% to have a true measure for what that “asset” can be converted into … the currency … and the buying power of that currency. Well, $40 times 0.9 = $36. The rich person’s share, which is part of his wealth, took a hit, but hey, 100% NOMINAL gain is still a heck of a lot of gain, so REAL gain of $16 is still a real gain in the wealth of the rich person. The poor person with only $20 net worth, meanwhile, saw his $20 fall to $18 ( $20 x 0.9 = $18 ) But wait, this story gets more twisted. As the Fed supports financial markets by creating currency and buying assets directly as it was doing under “quantitative easing” (and still doing, but hiding) or simply as the Treasury issues more debt, both devalue the dollar over time, but also help to push up the nominal and to some extent even the real prices of assets because price appreciation tends to manifest WHERE the currency created is first put to use. The financialized US economy thus ends up seeing asset price inflation that greatly exceeds real goods price inflation. If you’re poor and don’t have some chips on the escalator, tough. You just got even more poor while the rich got richer, generally speaking. The system is an ingenious form of hidden taxation. This is the primary reason why Henry Ford said: “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” My example and description above it is an over-simplification, but it should be helpful to some. Best, Eric Dubin Managing Editor and Independent Financial and Geopolitical Analyst The News Docotors

  7. Please STOP saying "boots on the ground"!!! Those "boots" are filled with LIVE HUMAN BEINGS being sent to kill and be killed in foreign lands. Those "boots" are filled with our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, etc. We're not sending empty boots over there just to place on the ground and take a picture of it!!! People are going to die so quit sugar coating death!

  8. If people were looking for military vehicles and uniformed soldiers and weaponry? Then they weren't paying attention one single iota concerning what J-H was all about. Blending in and being part of everyday background living in America. J-H had zero to do with uniformed drills, soldiers waling down streets and practicing street combat and helo extractions from within cities. It was ALL about infiltration, observation, and very likely, assassination and sabotage without being seen. Does it have anything to do with blending into cities overseas for ops and combat? In my mind? Not a bit. That is a bold faced lie. J-H has everything to do with infiltrating American cities and American lives as the currency and cities collapse into violence on top of racial division and TPTB encouraging racial violence and rioting across the nation. In any case. J-H is about control of American cities and locking ALL of us down under martial law to suspend the Constitution and elections. Obama is seeking very much a 3rd term, and forever ending our Constitution using the war on terror to do it will give him what he wants. If he shuts us down under martial law? He will announce that M-L will remain in effect until TWOT is declared officially over. TPTB will never let it be officially ended.

  9. While it's productive for Lieutenant General Michael Flynn to go on record and state Turkey and the Gulf Arab states have been sponsoring Al-Qaeda-led rebels, and it's productive to see him admit that US intelligence was willfully ignored, this is all just a "limited hangout." The US also DIRECTLY supported terrorists in our proxy war against Syria. Even Sen. John McCain acted like a waterboy to the military industrial complex, personally meeting with terrorists to help set up the proxy war.

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