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  1. AUSTRALIAN CAPTIVE DOLPHIN ABUSE - Many thousands are speaking up for the captive performing dolphins at Sea World Gold Coast Australia with the help of international and local celebrities but we also need your help, and voice. Jane Goodall says "SeaWorld Needs To Be Immediately Shut Down" as does Harry Styles, Bianca Jagger, Martina Navratilova, Anthony La Paglia, Simon Cowell, Shailene Woodley, Pamela Anderson, Olivia Newton John, Ricky Gervais, Edie Falco, Steve Backshall, Bryan Adams, Matt Damon, Matthew Modine, Susan Sarandon, Kelly Slater, Willy Nelson, Cher,Rachel Hunter, Tommy Lee, Jennifer Aniston, Maggie Q, Nicholas Hoult, Kim Basinger, Rob Zombie, Sir Brian May, Stephen Fry, Jessica Chastain, Paul Rudd, Woody Harrelson, Rita Wilson, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, David Crosby, Courtney Cox, Dave Navarro, Wynonna Judd, Kathy Griffin, Jessica Biel, Mariska Hargitay, James Gandolfini, John Leguizamo, Russell Simmons, Olivia Wilde, Scout LaRue Willis, Kelly Le Brock, Russell Brand, Joan Jett, Howard Stern, Aaron Paul (from 'Breaking Bad'), Kathy Najimy, Niki Taylor, Hayden Panettiere, Mayim Bialik, Meg Matthews, Chet Faker, Wil Anderson, Todd McKenny, Christine Anu, Steve Kilbey, Marcia Hines, Sia, Tyson Beckford, Sinnitta, Ewan McGregor, Leona Lewis, Angie Bowie, Steve-O, Conan O'Brien, Elvira, Josh Groban, Jason Biggs, Motley Crue, Arianna Grande, Krysten Ritter, Chloe Lattanzi, Sharni Vinson, Samantha Fox, Alexandra Paul, Gina Liano, Jonathan Coleman, Alyce Platt, The Veronicas, Tracey Spicer, Adam Zwar, Lincoln Lewis, Phil Jamieson (Grinspoon), Anthony Ackroyd, Livinia Nixon, Jane Barnes, Former Miss Universe Australia Laura Dundovic, Havana Brown, Simone Buchanan, Cheyenne Tozzi, Caitlin Stasey, Silvana Philippoussis, Ella Hooper, Bianca Dye, Arj Barker, Jamie Reyne, Annalise Braakensiek all say: AUSSIE DOLPHINS HAVE BEEN STOLEN FROM THE OCEAN AND SOME BRED IN CAPTIVITY BUT ALL ARE FORCED TO PERFORM DAILY AT SEA WORLD ON THE GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND. "The whole world is up in arms about Sea World and other aquaprisons. It's time that Australians opened their eyes and became educated to the cruelty of trapping and breeding dolphins as money-making slaves for greedybusinesspeople". 'SEAWORLD SHUT DOWN on Facebook. The First & Only Campaign Against Sea World in Australia' . Trevor Long, Marine Science Director at Sea World Gold Coast says: "Dolphins aren't some amazing creature, in the wild they just rape and rape and rape". (Quoted from Gold Coast Bulletin interview January 2015). Please help us to speak up for the captive performing dolphins at Sea World on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. We love them rescuing cetaceans but we loathe them keeping dolphins as captives in their aquaprison. The dolphins need to be rehabilitated and freed or taken to a safe sanctuary/bay/cove paid for by Sea World to live out their lives without human interference. India, Croatia, Hungary New York, South Carolina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Nicaragua, Slovenia, Switzerland, Brazil, Luxembourg, Norway and the U.K have already banned cetaceans in captivity and so far there are over 17,000 signatures on the petition and a Facebook page with over 9,590 followers. Also on Twitter @seaworldisevil with over 6,450 followers The dolphins are caught from the ocean and brought to tanks/lagoons and are also bred in captivity where they are forced to perform for paying customers and given dead fish but only if they do tricks. All to make money for greedy Sea World business people. "Sea World Gold Coast Australia - Keeping dolphins as prisoners since the 70s"

  2. It's massively documented historical fact that the Japanese were seeking a means of honorable surrender with very minimal requests such as letting the Japanese emperor remain as a figurehead. The claims that the bombs had to be dropped to save 100,000 American lives that would have been lost in an invasion of the mainland are total lies. It was well understood by the ENTIRE American military establishment and the Japanese establishment that Japan was at a state of near TOTAL defeat, capable of only token resistance.

  3. What was the alternative? Continue killing Japanese civilians and destroying cities with incendiary bombings that the Japanese military was powerless to stop? Follow through with deployment of ground troops projected to result in the deaths of four-six Japanese troops to every American? Would that be more palatable? War is hell. The survivors and families of the victims of the attacks on Pearl Harbor know that all too well.

  4. It is a death spiral. The hope is that banks will reopen Monday. The troika forced the conditions where banks had to be closed by refusing to refusing to provide short-term emergency funding. But now that the troika got Greece to capitulate (for the time being), liquidity should flow on Monday, and banks should re-open. -- Eric Dubin

  5. If Napolitano is correct about the magnitude of pending revelations, this could be the scandal that is too big for Hillary to sweep under the rug. I believe Hillary has a unique talent for shooting herself in the foot and by the end of the year, forces even within the Democratic Party establishment will be inching toward throwing her under the bus. Elizabeth Warren will be recruited to fill the void - sticking my neck out, this is a formal forecast I made last week. Time will tell.

  6. That drop and roll by the first running officer really goes to show the over the top clownish "tactical mode" head space of these officers. The language and barking orders demonstrate the same -- both taking place long before the a$$ pulls his gun in a clear demonstration of excessive, totally unnecessary use of force. Notice the other officer that grabbed the gun toting officer's wrist to control him from potentially discharging the weapon? That pistol wielding guy should be fired. It will not happen, alas. -- Eric Dubin

  7. Very well said Eric... They're falling over themselves to show the puppet masters how well they are following the script. They've sold their souls for the power their overlords grant them in exchange for unquestioning loyalty. Sickening to watch... and where on earth are the spending hawks? I heard reports of 20,000 police so theses clowns can have a photo op! I'd like to see some professional cost analysis... all while every one of the leaders are overseeing some form of cuts to social services, pensions,etc, and the puppet masters wallow in free money from the central banks!

  8. There are a lot of people saying a lot of off-target things about Jade Helm. I don't totally blame the cynical guys at ZeroHedge for their attitude. The link to WalMart and underground tunnels? B.S. The Hodges radio program talking about a planned invasion using 15,000 troops from Russia while at the same time Hodges speculates that the West, led by Obama, will launch a war against Russia? Sheesh. Talk about a problem with basic logic. That would be like FDR launching war on Nazi Germany and asking for 15,000 German troops to go help round-up American Japanese citizens for American internment camps. Hello? But Jade Helm as part of a long history of contingency planning for "continuity of government" as well as repression of domestic dissent? THAT has historical consistency and is backed-up by documents. I don't think ZeroHedge is acting as a disinformation agent - hardly. The author of this story, however, is ignorant of history.

  9. The civil aviation authority released a story saying that in the last couple of years hundreds of cabin crew have experienced severe problems with breathing. What i and lots of overs have become aware of in recent years is the fact that planes are now leaving trails that no longer clear. They are dropping toxic chemicals in our skies. To start your research go to a petition called A world wide ban on illegal chemtrail spraying.

  10. This was a benzo tragedy. I have seen first hand the suffering associated with taking and then trying to get off of benzodiazepines (benzos). It was a living hell for my loved one and her family. The agony that her, and many others have experienced is almost beyond comprehension. In some cases it can take years to recover from the injuries sustained from these toxic chemicals. These drugs literally ruin the lives of their victims. As soon as this incident occurred, our first reaction was "Oh, I bet he was on benzos", which as it turns out, he was. Knowing what I know, I have NO DOUBT that he would have not done this, but for the benzos. What we have learned is that these drugs, prescribed to help with anxiety and depression, actually make these conditions far worse for some people. These drugs are very dangerous and are not fit for human consumption. It is a disgrace that the FDA allows these drugs to be sold. The doctors who prescribe these drugs and the manufacturers who produce them will hopefully soon face class-action lawsuits from their victims. What happened with the 150 people on the plane was a senseless tragedy. The direct cause of this tragedy was a dangerous, toxic class of drugs called benzodiazepines. If this terrible tragedy could help raise awareness of benzos and help get these drugs off the market, future benzo victims will not be created and future benzo tragedies, such as this, will be prevented. Only then will those 150 deaths have some meaning.

  11. I'm sure that the Powers that Be, will try everything in their power to get Obama's Bill passed, the destruction of the middle class must go forward, in their eyes...and no Judge, no media, no congress, will object to this going forward....for the white homeowners needs to go broke and this economic pain the states will have is just what the NWO doctor ordered.

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