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Published On: Wed, Nov 2nd, 2016

Demonizing Putin and Russia: Stephen F. Cohen Addresses Cold War 2.0

The level of suspicion and vitriol toward Russia has reached levels not seen even during the previous Cold War. This unprecedented and extremely dangerous rhetoric shows no sign of relenting.  Stephen F. Cohen seeks to explain and educate so that we all might have a better understanding of the Russian point of view.

TND Guest Contributor: Craig Hemke

This week’s program will take you back to your college days…or give you a sense of what college is supposed to entail. “Higher education” was never intended to be the indoctrination that it has become. Instead, college used to be where you were taught to think critically. There, you might also be exposed to perspective and background that challenges original assumptions and broadens your understanding of the world around you. Stephen F. Cohen is a scholar and college professor, and in this week’s program you’ll feel transported to his classroom for a one hour course on Russian history and Russian affairs.

Please take the time to listen to this week’s JBSFC. Politicians and their sycophant media are going to great lengths to paint Russia as some kind of grave threat to NATO and “the west” and you can expect this to continue, regardless of the outcome of the American election. It is therefore incumbent upon you, my dear reader, to be armed with knowledge and facts, not lies and hyperbole. Listening to these weekly programs from Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen is one of the best ways we’ve found to accomplish this mission.

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craig hemkeCraig Hemke (aka Turd Ferguson) is a former stockbroker, mutual fund wholesaler and commodities options trader with over 25 years of experience. He jumped off the corporate ladder in 2008 and now is the proprietor of the popular website as well as the author of a subscription service hosted at the same website. Click here to learn more about his exclusive reports.

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