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Eric Sprott: Making Sense of Precious Metals Volatility in Face of FOMC Minutes and Jawboning

eric sprott weekly wrap

TND Podcast Spotlight:  Sprott Money

Eric returns to the Weekly Wrap Up this week! He discusses the recent FOMC minutes, the reaction in paper gold and the ongoing, global demand for physical gold.  He describes how Canadian-based precious metals mining companies could see their stocks rise along the lines of what Sprott describes as the “Nortel Effect.”  During the technology bubble in the 1990s through 2000, Nortel rose to represent some ~30% of the Toronto Stock Exchange’s entire market capitalization given that capital all over the world wanted into the stock.

Sprott breaks down the trading action this week and places it into a bigger picture context.  To download an mp3, click the down pointing arrow.  Otherwise, press play:

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