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Published On: Fri, Jul 15th, 2016

Escape from New York- Part 1, by Ragnar

There you are, in your off grid solar powered survival complex somewhere in the Redoubt, in a very carefully selected location, stocked to the rafters with every conceivable supply and armament. You are completely prepared for literally anything that might happen. ”Bring it” is your motto. Happy and confident that you have reached the pinnacle of prepping, you sit down at the keyboard to take care of some work e-mail. You open the first email and find, congratulations, you’re going to New York City! New York City?

For those of us who have not moved to the middle of nowhere and set up a robust home-based business to take care of all our financial needs, the question we run into most often is will our prepping survive first contact with the real world. For the majority of us, prepping means prepping in the real world with all its limitations, variables, and complications. A very large percentage of us routinely travel in the course of our employment. Given this fact, you can either decide that traveling is a risk you have to assume and cannot be prepared for, or you can look at travel as another opportunity to hone your prepping Read Full Article

Source: James Wesley

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