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Published On: Fri, Jul 29th, 2016

Feel the BURN: Bernie Hot Mic Proves He Was Never a Real Candidate

Most of us knew this already, but now here’s proof. Is Bernie going down fighting for his political beliefs like a real presidential candidate would? Is he even being remotely honest with his supporters at this point? Nope. He’s keeping his mouth shut and staying on script for Hillary — who everyone knows will be the worst kind of tyrannical dictator — saying, “I’m proud to stand with her”.

TND VideoCast Spotlight: TruthStream Media

For those of us who didn’t know this, Bernie was like a magical fairy unicorn. People want so badly to believe it’s real… but it just isn’t… and it never was. Feel the burn…

This work was published at the TRUTHstreammedia YouTube Channel and is reprinted with permission.

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