shit-sandwichTND Market Commentary:  Eric Dubin

Doc and I finished recording this week’s Silver Doctors Weekly Metals & Markets podcast as the COMEX regular session was coming to a close. Craig Hemke (a.k.a. Turd Ferguson) joined us to document the in-your-face high frequency trading and COMEX paper gold shorting that has been going on to suppress gold throughout the entire COMEX session today – and we talk about a similar dynamic taking place going back through last week as well.

Compare today’s trade in silver versus gold during the COMEX window. Even Bart Chilton could see that gold manipulation – a HFT / paper gold short issuance sh*t sandwich, served-up by the powers that be. There was absolutely no reason for gold to start going down in London and carrying over throughout COMEX trade today. But the denialists will figure out some excuse to talk about.

The podcast will be published Friday evening. It’s packed with insight and will make for great weekend listening.