Craig Hemke Joins the Show For A Powerful Analysis of the Trump Administration & Global Currency Markets, Discussing:

  • Death By China: It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before Trump Turns Attention to China…
  • …That’s When The REAL Fireworks Begin!
  • Declaring China A Currency Manipulator Will Put An After-Burner On Precious Metals!
  • Will China Pre-empt Trump & Announce A Shocking Yuan Devaluation? 
  • Gold: The REAL THING Continues To Move East & DISAPPEAR 
  • Deja Vu All Over Again – Why 2017 Is Shaping Up to Be A Great Year For Gold & Silver

SD Metals & Markets Begins NOW…

TND Exclusive:  Eric Dubin

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Craig Hemke is one of the most sober analysts covering precious metals and it’s always a pleasure to speak with him.  We recorded this week’s show on Thursday before the release of Friday’s Non-Farm Payroll’s report.  Traditionally, precious metals experience sell-offs leading up to and after the release of NFP data, which is partially driven by expectations that strong data would compel the Federal Reserve to hike interest rates.  This would theoretically inspire more interest in global accumulation of the U.S. dollar and dollar-denominated assets, proving bearish gold.  This thesis blew-up on Friday, as the power of the precious metals bull market run is reasserting itself.  Even manipulation efforts by the guardians of the fiat paradigm were overcome, going back to last week, as I discussed on last week’s show (click here).  Last week’s discussion with Dave Kranzler ties into this week’s discussion and both are among better 2017 SD podcasts.  

While we will not see a straight-up move in February, the month should turn in a VERY strong performance for gold and silver.  Movements in the currency markets will have a major impact on precious metals during 2017.  In fact, it looks like the Japanese yen will soon continue its reversal of the post-election shift, and that will be bullish for precious metals.  I have discussed this on my Facebook wall (click here) and I’ll update that post over the weekend.  

The Big Kahuna impact on the currency front will come when and if Trump declare’s China a ‘currency manipulator,’ which will trigger a change in U.S. policy.  China will retaliate, and the perturbations across all markets will be significant and a major positive for gold and silver.

Dollar Index Places Weekly Close Under 100 at 99.73


USD/JPY Closes at 112.65


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