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Published On: Sun, Sep 22nd, 2013

Government “Shutdown”? It’s All The Republicans’ Fault – Neener Neener Anarchist, Err… Arsonist Pumpkin Eater

TND Media Context Review / By Eric Dubin / neener-neener

From the stunningly hypocritical Nancy Pelosi, who’s San Francisco based constituents overwhelmingly abhor the military industrial complex but fail to see their so-called leader as a key mother hen supporting it comes yet another humdinger almost as absurd as her comment about having to pass Obama care so we can find out what’s in it.

The “Silent Majority” was largely asleep during Obama “Care” passage, but now that “what’s in it”  is starting to be seen and understood, opposition is to be expected.  Opposition to Obama “Care” isn’t occurring in a single issue vacuum either.  Opposition is part of a general backlash against government institutions – especially at the federal level – that have become like a school of piranha from hell, incessantly nibbling away at our freedoms for decades, while furthering crony capitalism and the debasement of the American dream.  Anyone believing that statement is hyperbole is simply not plugged into the reality based community.

Pelosi appeared on CNN this week, armed with the Democrat Party machine’s talking points well memorized.  Recognizing the failings of Senator Harry Ried’s definitional deficient “anarchists” quip, the Big D PR Machine now has switched to “arsonists.”  At least it still begins with an “A.”  Ironically enough, Pelosi actually tripped over her tongue when making the “legislative arsonists” remark.  She almost said “anarchists.”  Whoops.  Pelosi note to self:  expunge last week’s talking points from memory banks.

Pelosi told CNN:  “I call them legislative arsonists…  They’re there to burn down what we should be building up in terms of investments and education and scientific research, and all that it is that makes our country great and competitive. I don’t paint them all with the same brush. I certainly don’t paint the Speaker with that brush. But there’s enough of them in the caucus to shut down government—that will be a victory for them.”

“None of us of comes here to have more government than we need,” Pelosi said. “I was making the distinction between those who say, ‘How much government do we need?’ to those who say, ‘We don’t need any government,’ the anti-government ideology is making a mess of what goes on in Congress now.”

She also said, “This is a wolf in wolf’s clothing,” referring to Republican efforts to defund Obama “Care.”  Look out, George W., there’s a new Wordsmith in town, and she has bigger goals than just putting food on your family.

Meanwhile, Obama “Care” supporters have flocked to websites that are actively shining a light on the failings of Obama “Care.  ”  These supporters are consciously or unconsciously framing the debate in a way that is just as interesting as the Democrats’ attempt to spin the issue of government shutdown.  On the site, one commentator asks:

“Why is there so much animosity toward people getting health care?? Do you consider health care a privilege and not a right?? Let me get this straight, if you can’t afford health care you should “just Die”, is that it??? What ever happened to “Christian” values??

I responded:

“Interesting framing you use when citing “Christian” values. Skillful, in fact… However, Obama care will result in a massive reduction of offered services, especially at the latter stages of peoples’ lives. Obama care is what in fact will say, ‘Just Die.’ The current system has countless flaws and social inequity. But Obama care is not a fix. Diluting overall health care options, reducing care, invading the lives of people with massive government involvement in our care and privacy while creating a huge expansion in government just to administer it will INCREASE COSTS and make the whole industry less efficient. Your primary argument boils down to the benefit of having those without formal insurance getting formal coverage — keep the poor out of emergency rooms. Sorry, but there reforms we should be making to the system to help with that issue without bastardizing the existing system, and opening up yet another area where federal government will have total awareness of our medical lives (TOTAL), as well as the birth of a system that will, by its very design, have reduction of services part of its reason for being. The Obama care advocates run away from the phrase ‘death panels.’ The truth hurts.

Click here to read the developing discussion.
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