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TND Exclusive:  Eric Dubin

If the shift clearly visible on Saturday Night Live is any indication, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party “establishment” face a growing problem.  An increasing number of Americans are recognizing that the majority of what Clinton claims to champion is nothing but a self-serving act, and that she’s a pathological liar.

Kate McKinnon plays the fictional Clinton on SNL. Most Clinton skits McKinnon has performed have been rather tame. Sure, McKinnon has taken many jabs, but never like what we’re now seeing. In fact, Clinton has frequently appeared on SNL, and even interacted with McKinnon. The humor in a skit like the following is tame, and Clinton is downright self deprecating.  The tone and subtext of the SNL script is VERY supportive of Clinton:

That skit was broadcast last October.  A whole heck of a lot of waking-up has happened in the last 5 months.  This was broadcast last weekend:

Yikes!  SNL mixes references to Bernie Sanders and “Hillary” even conjures-up an echo and imagery of slouched-over, jowel-rattling Tricky Dick Nixon’s double-hand peace salute.  McKinnon’s character all but says, “I’m not a crook.” The subtextual message translates into exactly that message, while caricaturing Clinton as a self-serving liar.  Liberal leaning SNL painting Clinton as “Tricky Dick”?  That’s got to hurt.

Art imitates life.  Traditionally, SNL is supportive of the “liberal worldview” Clinton supposedly champions.  Increasingly, liberals are becoming aware that Hillary Clinton is not who she represents herself to be.