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Published On: Fri, May 29th, 2020

How To Trade Stocks: Execute A Solid Trading Plan With A Letter Grade System

What’s your very best stock? Knowing the answer is essential for creating a solid trading plan.


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Have you ever heard the saying, “Sell your worst first and keep the best for last”? Your best stock is not necessarily the one that shows you the largest gain.

The stock with the highest potential to be one of the best performers of the year is your best stock.

But let’s ask a second question: How can you view your stocks in terms of the risk they each have when the market faces a downturn?

How To Trade Stocks: Assign A Letter Grade

Try this: By giving all of your companies a letter grade, say from A+ to D, you actively create a priority on which stocks to hold vs. those you should sell quickly.

If the market starts rolling over, start selling your D stocks first. Keep your A and A+ stocks, if they are holding Read Full Article

Source: Investor Corner – IBD

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