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Published On: Wed, Nov 27th, 2019

How To Use Stock Charts: Why Patience Is Required To Play The Saucer Base


Some investors are naturally patient. Others prefer fast-developing situations. A 3-weeks-tight pattern, a square box or a flat base favors the quick-acting investor.


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When a stock takes only a handful of weeks to sketch a valid buy point, you must be ready to buy. An initial public offering that shapes its first IPO base also requires quick recognition.

The saucer base, however, requires a different skill set. The saucer must be at least seven weeks long, but it often will consolidate far longer — sometimes as long as one or two years. Unlike a deep cup, this pattern is shallow in depth. But the correction can still be as deep as nearly 30%.

To the impatient investor, the saucer might look more like a stock in a coma than a healthy opportunity.

Yet you don’t want your temperament to shape Read Full Article

Source: Investor Corner – IBD

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