Silver Expert David Morgan (website link) Joins The Show & Breaks Down the Two-Month Rally In The Metals:

  • Is A MAJOR Bull Move Just Getting Started, Or Is Yet Another Cartel FLUSH Coming?
  • Regardless Of What’s Next, Morgan Believes If You Can Buy Silver Under $20/oz, It’s A Gift!
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Dubin’s Take:

This is a beautiful bounce back. Silver’s underlying strength is impressive and this is the exact sort of trading we saw early last year, when the ramp up to a new bull phase was well under way and silver began to exhibit leaps higher, with a resilience upon recoveries that kept happening over and over anytime the cartel would attack the precious metals sector. That pattern has now been repeating for a couple of weeks now, and just as I noted early last year, the same gold to silver ratio decline will be VERY visible to everyone in the weeks ahead as this new bull phase in precious metals begins to outright roar higher!

Gold didn’t even fall to a full test of $1220, never mind $1215. For the most part, as I discussed yesterday, I figured $1220 would indeed hold but I wasn’t sure how hard the cartel would try to press their case, which made $1215 a distinct possibility. All the same, we witnessed buying come in during the Asian session and that stabilized the market at the points in the ~23 hour trading cycle exactly where it normally should when Asians are indeed upping their buying.

In summary, it’s “normal” to see the cartel attack when momentum slows and when a sector is ready for a correction, anyway. That’s what was developing before this decline started, prompting me to publish the alert note about the impending attack. This RAPID snap-back speaks to just how strong this bull market phase is going to be. 2017 is going to KICK A$$ for precious metals!

For more context, see my earlier Facebook thread:  click here.



The Doc’s US Silver Bullion Update:

January sales of Silver American Eagle Coins came in strong at 5,127,500 coins, but February tells another story.  With 8 business days of sales- nearly 2 weeks- the Mint has only sold 250,000 coins month to date – indicating that the 5.1 million January number was likely mainly due to inventory building by the wholesalers and AP’s.

So while demand is strong in historical comparisons, it’s been fairly subdued compared to what the market saw in 2015 and the first half of 2016.

Premiums on bags of 90% silver coins continues to creep down as well, another indication that the market currently has plenty of physical silver inventory to meet demand.

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