John Rubino agrees with my assessment that interest rates and inflation are poised to rocket higher (for more on that, click here). Rubino offer’s sober cautions about the Trump Presidency.   – Eric Dubin


Show topics include:

  • Eric discusses the full scope of potential Neocon plans had Hillary been elected, including colored revolution tactics applied to Russia and Putin;  
  • Rubino, Dubin and Doc debate the potential people currently discussed for Trump cabinet positions and what we might learn from each position;  
  • Rubino makes the case for catalysts that will bring gold and silver to much higher prices – even $10,000 and $100 or more per ounce, respectively;  
  • Markets are pricing in tax cuts and massive infrastructure spending;  we’re going to do the same thing China did a few years ago, and the U.S. is starting from a position of record debt.  
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