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Koos Jansen Wants to Pry Fort Knox Audit Info from the US Treasury

TND Editor’s Note: In all likelihood, the information will be interesting not so much for what it directly discloses, but what can be seen by reading between the lines and noting what isn’t disclosed or, redacted.

The audit procedures will be interesting. If the Treasury Department redacts material related to audit procedures, that will cause a credibility problem. But revealing too much or trying to spin or, how shall we say, “tweak” old documents, often backfires when obfuscation is attempted. The Treasury claims partial audits have been conducted since the so-called full audit under the Eisenhower administration in the 1950s. Many of the documents related to these older “audits” are likely in microfiche or other archive format and tweaking old documents often leaves artifacts such as font idiosyncrasies or other clues, such as data presented that can be proven to be suspect given context from other sources.

Some will react to this effort with cynicism, given a prevailing view that our monetary system overlords seek anything but an informed public and, these bastards are very good at what they do. Resist that cynicism. “Dots” accumulate. Indeed, that has clearly been GATA’s experience over the years, as their archive of evidence of precious metals manipulation has grown to devastating scope and authority.

Chris Powell has more:

TND Guest Contributor: Chris Powell

Our friend gold researcher Koos Jansen needs to raise $3,145 to cover the costs being charged to him by the U.S. Treasury Department for copies of documents involving audits of the gold at Fort Knox.  As of this hour a Go Fund Me page on the Internet is about $500 short of raising the money for him. Jansen’s work has been of the greatest importance to the cause of transparency in the gold market, so please consider helping him by visiting the Go Fund Me page and making a contribution here:

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About Chris Powell:

chris powell

Mr. Powell has been managing editor of the Journal Inquirer, a daily newspaper in Manchester, Connecticut, since 1974. He serves as the secretary/treasurer and a director of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA). Mr. Powell publishes GATA “dispatches” on stories relevant to the precious metals community: click here to access them and the GATA website. For additional information about precious metals, financial markets and the economy a 2 week free trial to GATA chairman Bill Murphy’s subscription service is available by clicking here.   This article is reprinted on The News Doctors with permission.

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