Today, we are seeing continued attacks on mining shares and the entire precious metals sector was taken down in the early New York afternoon trade.  This is a continuation of the near-term trends visible last week that I discussed with Dave Kranzler on Friday’s Silver Doctors SD Metals & Markets.   Precious metals will reverse very soon because the fundamentals are overwhelmingly positive for gold and silver.  What we are witnessing is nothing more than the desperation of the guardians of the fiat paradigm in the face of far stronger physical market trends than widely perceived to exist given the tonnage flow moving into China, under the radar of the World Gold Council and other methodology-blinded sources that form the basis of mainstream media and Wall Street consensus opinion.  – Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors

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As Gold & Silver Burn Higher, Dubin & Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Reveal the Cartel’s BIGGEST FEAR: MOMENTUM!  

After Thursday’s leap towards challenging $1,250 gold and surpassing it with Friday’s follow-through momentum, the cartel threw the kitchen sink at gold with tens of thousands of new Comex contract issuance to absorb rising long demand, while miners and GLD were pressured to the downside.  Friday’s SD Metals & Markets documents in real-time Friday’s trading as Kranzler and Dubin examine the trading going into the close and the very same trends on display on Thursday and Friday are carrying over into this week’s trading.  For example, we see bombing of GLD during the New York afternoon session and the operation to smash this morning’s momentum is on display for all to see:

GLD - feb 27 - 2017


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