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Monday’s Gold/Silver Market Action: Thank God Election 2016 Almost Over! – Welcome to Dystopia #28

Despite today’s capping effort, underlying fundamentals and concerns about the U.S. election are supporting precious metals.

TND Podcast Spotlight: Welcome to Dystopia Episode 28

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St and managing editor of The News Doctors and independent financial analyst Eric Dubin are back for (a redo) of Episode #28 of Welcome to Dystopia

Jason and Eric start off this show by discussing the correction in precious metals markets, and what may stop the correction.  This show was produced last Friday.  Today, we need only look at today’s Comex trading to see efforts to suppress prices advances are alive and well, as a two-stage short covering rally that would have resulted in a new, higher level that would maintain at least some of the spike gain in a non-manipulated market was entirely reversed, pushed right back down to a level below the launch price level:

silver (42)

Regardless, the calm that followed in silver and the return of a small amount of accumulation in gold (notice the difference in the slope of the green line) reveals the underlying supply/demand balance of the paper market as being stronger than one would initially conclude, given today’s raids:


Jason and Eric talk about the 2nd and 3rd US Presidential debates and how close the race is to the finish line between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Why is it that many college educated Progressives/Democrats are ignoring mountains of evidence from Wikileaks and others about the corruption of Hillary Clinton?

Thank god this election and media circus is almost over!



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Scumbag Nominees:
1) George Soros- For paying to start race wars and plundering poor and middle class Americans while he pays $$$ to divide and conquer the US among gender, age, class and racial lines.
2) Carrie Tolstedt- former Wells Fargo Bank executive who made over $125 million in salary and bonuses while setting up a culture of pervasive fraud at the bank. Over 5,000 employees participated in the fraud and created 2 million fake accounts to generate higher commissions to meet sales quotas and to get promotions and bonuses. Older people and uneducated people were intentionally targeted as potential victims.
3) CNN or the Clinton News Network for lying and telling regular Americans that it’s illegal for them to go to the Wikileaks website and read the Podesta emails.…


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