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MP Jo Cox Killed By “Useful Idiot”? Fishy Timing Given Brexit – Eric Dubin

Senior gentleman holding a rotten fishTND Market Brief:  Eric Dubin

The term “useful idiot” in an intelligence craft context refers to a person inspired by way of various means to perform an action, and more often than not, the person is compromised by mental illness or sub-par intelligence – hence the term.  Was MP Jo Cox murdered by a “useful idiot” as part of a covert action?  It’s too early to say, definitively.  But the timing of this attack is very fishy.

Gold had just broken away from $1,300; general equities markets were shaky, especially the banking sector, what with most precarious of European banks like Deutsche Bank plumbing new 2016 lows.  Most important, bond markets were careening down a deflationary spiral into negative interest rates, with the German bond market being the latest to join that party.  The immediate risk of England voting to Brexit would send shockwaves throughout the global financial system.  The longer-term risks to the globalist project are equally profound.  We’re not just talking about Brexit, after-all.  Valentin Katasonov’s latest article on that score is reading time well spent: click here.


One of the Tylers at ZeroHedge penned on-target commentary about the timing, and impact to the FX and stock market.  Click here; it’s a good read.


That the smack-down came after the LBMA close isn’t an fluke. While the LBMA is excessively levered and much of the trade is paper, like the COMEX, it’s not as bad as the COMEX because the LBMA is still used for physical off-take. So, it’s a heck of a lot harder to smash the bejesus out of the gold market when the LBMA is open – at least, not without the risk of a lot of “pain” created from rising demand for physical in the event gold was suddenly “put on sale” following a manipulation attack.  It’s likely the case that the gold cartel couldn’t pull off a smash while the LBMA was open because there probably was “too much” risk for “too much” growing interest in physical off-take.

Stay tuned . . . I’ll publish more on these events soon, and we’ll cover them on Silver Doctors Weekly Metals & Markets.  You are welcome to post comments under this article.  Interesting comments and feedback have started to appear on my Facebook post as well and if you’re on Facebook, you can access that page by clicking on the “comments” link below.

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