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Overvalued Markets and Fake Economic News: Recipe For Market Disaster – Dave Kranzler on TF Metals Report

We have the ingredients for major market turmoil in 2017.

TND Podcast Spotlight:  Dave Kranzler on the TF Metals Report

Think you know what will happen this year?  What would you have said to me on January 1st last year if I told you:  ” the S&P 500 would hit several new all-time years this year and Donald Trump will be elected President?”

Craig “Turd Ferguson” Hemke invited me on to his “A2A” webinar with his subscribers last week.  We had a spirited and (I think) entertaining discussion about abundance of fake economic news that permeates the financial media, the true state of the U.S. economy and the growing risks to the stock market.  And of course we chatted about precious metals an mining stocks.

And of course his subscribers had some interesting and thought-provoking questions. You can download an mp3 recording of our podcast at the following link or simply click on the link for streaming if your browser lauches mp3 files, automatically:


Click/Download: A2A with Dave Kranzler

You can access Hemke’s webite here:  TFMetals Report.

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About Dave Kranzler:

Aspen1-dave I spent many years working in various analytic jobs and trading on Wall Street. For nine of those years, I traded junk bonds for Bankers Trust. I have an MBA from the University of Chicago, with a concentration in accounting and finance. My goal is to help people understand and analyze what is really going on in our financial system and economy. You can follow my work and contact me via my website Investment Research Dynamics.  Occasionally, I publish on Seeking Alpha too. As a co-founder and principal of Golden Returns Capital, LLC Mr. Kranzler co-manages the Precious Metals Opportunity Fund, a metals and mining stock investment fund.

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