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Published On: Thu, May 22nd, 2014

Physical Silver Demand Still Strong – “The Doc”

TND Podcast Spotlight:  Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed The Doc from Silver Doctors 

The interview starts with Jason asking Doc about the end of the London (LBMA) Silver Fix and what it means for silver prices.

Next, Jason asks about physical silver demand and if demand is still strong. Doc talks about record demand from the US Mint and from the Royal Canadian Mint.

Doc also says retail demand from his website has been strong but there is no silver shortage so premiums are not high.

Jason and Doc talk about how gold and silver may go sideways for another few months before finally starting to move higher before the end of 2014.

Next, Jason asks Doc about “Lead Bullion” or ammunition and why Doc just got into selling ammunition on his website. Doc talks about the 2nd Amendment and why it’s important for people to own guns.

Jason then brings up the supply/demand market for guns and ammo and why he thinks guns and ammo in the US are in a huge secular bull market.

Jason closes out the interview asking Doc for his opinion about the macroeconomic situation and then Doc talks about a new WWII commemorative coin he has on sale on his website.


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