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Published On: Mon, Nov 11th, 2013

“Puppycide” – Police Shooting of Thousands of Dogs in America – Liberty Rising Radio

I’m pleased to bring to you today an interview I conducted with Michael Ozias and Patrick Reasonover, the producers of a documentary under development by Ozymandius media titled “Puppycide.”  It focuses on the disturbing rise in the number of instances where dogs are being shot and often killed by police in the United States.  We’re now talking about thousands of dogs each and every year.

A big part of the problem relates to virtually no training when it comes to dealing with dogs.  But we must recognize that this phenomena also grows out of the increasing militarization of police forces in America.  In 1980, there were about 2,000 militarized police raids over the course of the entire year.  Today, the rate has skyrocketed to approximately 70,000 raids annually.  At the very same time, incidents of violent crime on an annual basis have roughly halved according to FBI statistics.

Everyone should care about the senseless killing of man’s best friend.  There’s no excuse for this.  In fact, experienced police officers recognize that most canine encounters can be easily diffused without resorting to gunfire, decreasing the odds of unintended consequences that could harm police or innocent bystanders.  What’s needed is training and greater awareness.

The Puppycide issue transcends political orientation. No matter how people define their political orientation, this is a subject where common ground is easily established.  Those concerned about the trend of increasing militarization of police forces across the country and the diminishment of our civil liberties should recognize that the issue of Puppycide can serve as the starting point for a discussion about why it’s not a good idea to let this militarization of police forces trend continue unchecked.

The documentary filmmakers need $100,000 to complete production.  Over 600 people have already contributed donations to the Puppycide “crowd funding” Kickstarter web page, totaling over $35,000.  Kickstarter enables small donors to contribute to projects donors care about, and the donations can range from just a single dollar to $10, $20, $100 or more.  It’s really easy to use.  They have four days to go and the odds are pretty good they will succeed.

Listen to the interview.  If you’d like to support the launch of the documentary, visit their website to read their Kickstarter page.  I’ve been a political activist for nearly 30 years.  I know a good idea when I see one, and the Puppycide documentary has potential to make significant change for the better.    I make this endorsement only because I believe in the potential, positive change this documentary can bring and neither I nor Liberty Rising Radio are being compensated in any way for this heart-felt endorsement.

Thanks for listening.  – Eric Dubin



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