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Published On: Thu, Nov 3rd, 2016

Robert Parry Exposes U.S. Arming Terrorists as Proxy Forces and Media Complicity

Mr. Parry criticizes both US policies in the Middle East and Afghanistan, going back to the 1980s and the US media’s sycophantic coverage of it, noting that some of the same reporters who beat the drums for Iraq war are doing the same regarding Syria, ignoring that facts on the ground showing US to be in a defacto alliance with Al Qaeda in the battle for Aleppo, a fact also ignored by US politicians including Clinton whose plan to implement a “no-fly” zone over Syria risks another war.

TND Podcast Spotlight:  Takes On The World |Jeff Blankfort, KZYX |

Acknowledging that there are no clean hands, or “good guys” in such situations, he contrasts the coverage of Aleppo and what appears to be staged propaganda images of victims in the Al-Qaeda run Eastern Aleppo while ignoring the casualties in government controlled Western Aleppo caused by Western supported jihadist shelling.

Parry reexamines the operation to overthrow Khadaffi in Libya, lobbied for by Clinton, in which US, French, and British forces destabilized the one country in the region that offered advanced public services to its people and now is hopelessly divided, as a result of the exaggeration by US media of Khadaffi’s threats to the population of Benghazi. He also speaks of other reasons that France and the others wanted him removed, including his growing influence and willingness to assist lesser developed countries in Sub-Sahran Africa.

He also speaks of the pro-Russian secular government of Afghanistan before the US joined forces with the Saudis to create the mujahedeen that overthrew it and produced both Al Qaeda and the Taliban; how women had rights to go to school, to wear whatever they want, and enjoyed freedoms that were taken away with the rise of the Taliban; and the hypocrisy of the US which claims it is supporting the rights of women there.

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kzyxTakes on the World is produced by Jeff Blankfort and broadcast on KZYX in Mendocino, Northern California.  This work is reprinted on The News Doctors with permission.


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