Tuesday, silver was blasted lower as Bank of Japan monetary policy sent the yen declining against the U.S. dollar by about 1% – a huge move.  But silver made a full recovery.  

TND Podcast Exclusive:  Welcome To Dystopia & SD Metals & Markets

Doc is preparing for the holidays.  Jason Burack and I are filling in with a joint podcast.

The Yen put on a fireworks show in during Tuesday’s trading.   Tuesday morning, TND published a Market Brief (click here).  The Bank of Japan signaled it will keep loose monetary policy while the perception of tightening monetary policy by the Federal Reserve dominates market expectations. Shock-waves raced through currency markets on Tuesday.  The yen started to swan dive against the dollar, and euro also declined against the dollar following this week’s terrorist attack in Germany.  The reversal is impressive:


On this week’s podcast, we discuss how silver and gold have traded this month, and how the rapid rise in the dollar will begin to break things in early 2017.  We cover much ground on this 3oth episode of Welcome to Dystopia, including:

  • Impact of Deutsche Bank agreeing to settle both the London silver fix manipulation and London gold fix manipulation cases
  • Rising premiums in India and China for physical metal; Gold is fetching $40+ premiums in China (click here).
  • The 35+ year bond bull market is dead;  the bond market will become a huge problem in 2017
  • What’s the deal with the so-called “Dollar Shortage” people are talking about?
  • What’s the status of the “war on cash” in India and beyond, and will Trump’s election slow the ‘war’?
  • “Dow 20,000” in context
  • 2017 and beyond will bring stagflation
  • “Fake News” nonsense in context

Doc and I will be back to our regular schedule after the holidays.

Happy holidays to all our listeners!

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