Recent trading offers a classic example of how the guardians of the banking and fiat system suppress the price of silver in order to keep gold from rocketing higher and upsetting global markets.  TF’s Craig Hemek joins “Doc” and Eric Dubin to dissect this week’s aggressive silver price suppression on this week’s Silver Doctors’ SD Metals & Markets


Expert Analyst Craig Hemke Joins the Show to Help Us Break Down All the Action:

  • Geopolitical turmoil, the French election possibly resulting in the election of anti-Euro Le Pen, Trump’s economic agenda derailed leading to nasty budget fight dead ahead and gold and silver are attacked in counter-intuitive fashion but in keeping with cartel history;
  • Is Andrew Maguire Right? Are the Bullion Banks ON THE ROPES?
  • Craig Explains We’re Seeing the CAPITULATION in Gold & Silver Sentiment even while prices are still under pressure
  • US Retail Gold & Silver Demand Gives Up the Ghost – US Mint Silver Eagle Sales Only 600k For Entire Month of April! 

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