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State Terrorism Franco American Style; Professor Michel Chossudovsky on ISIS and the Paris and Bamako, Mali Terrorist Events

guns and butter - resizedTND Editor’s Note:  I recall listening to the live broadcast of the very first episode of Guns & Butter early last decade.  At the time, only a small number of radio journalists dared to address the complex, controversial subjects Bonnie Faulkner fearlessly examined.  Now, Guns & Butter is ported to SoundCloud and the show has an outstanding website and blog.  The show has had a following of tens of thousands of people, largely the product of direct broadcast on KPFA.  Guns & Butter deserves a following into the millions.  Help make that happen.  Spread the word about the show.  TND will continue to play our small part with our periodic “Podcast Spotlight” features. — Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors

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TND Podcast Spotlight:  Guns & Butter

Michel Chossudovsky’s most recent research on the alleged ISIS terror in Paris, as well as the Radisson Hotel terror in Bamako, Mali, is discussed. Analysis of current state sponsored terror in general, within a larger global geopolitical and economic framework, is addressed. Topics include the fundamental contradiction in the official narrative of the War on Terror versus the Islamic State or ISIS; Islamic State a creation of U.S. intelligence; the geopolitical agenda; the militarization of Africa; the Berlin Conference in the late 19th century; foreknowledge of the Paris terror; French military escalation against Syria planned before the attacks; replication of the 9/11 discourse as a pretext to justify a new wave of bombing against Syria; attack by a foreign power justifies a state of war; the Doctrine of Collective Security, Article 5 of NATO; the Muslim community subjected to a witch hunt; the criminalization of the state and the financial system; the end of the French Republic.
Be sure to check out the bonus track above that was not aired on the radio.
This episode of Guns & Butter was originally broadcast on KPFA on November 25, 2015.
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