Neocons and the pro-war mainstream media have nothing to lose when the wars they promote go terribly wrong. This is unique in history. After the predictable disaster, they return to their air conditioned Washington and New York offices while millions suffer and die. That is why why they are able to continue. In the words of today’s Liberty Report guest Nassim Nicholas Taleb, they have no “skin in the game.” The famous author of The Black Swan also lets us in on his thinking about the current state of the US economy and the actions of the Federal Reserve. Access this special Liberty Report, below:

Are Wikileaks and other similar organizations “hostile foreign agencies,” as CIA Director Mike Pompeo asserted recently? He’s looking at a way to punish media organizations for telling their readers the truth while being able to avoid going after the mainstream media companies that publish materials provided by Wikileaks. It is all about stripping some organizations and individuals from First Amendment protection. Don’t miss this exclusive Ron Paul Liberty Report with Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange:

On grounds like these, the FBI could build a case for spying on a large number of people looking to do business with Russians.  The FBI could also spy on many, many people in the pro-liberty and anti-empire camp who are critical of U.S. foreign policy: Justin Raimondo, Lew Rockwell, Daniel McAdams and Ron Paul, to name a few of the more prominent….

The West lies about Russia having invaded the Ukraine. America and her allies lie about the nature of the Syrian conflict and how the West built-up terrorist forces as a proxy army.  American-led NATO has been encircling Russia while claiming that Russia is a massive aggressor.  In exchange for the peaceable dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the integration of West and East Germany following the demise of the Soviet Union and the so-called ending of the Cold War, the U.S. made verbal commitments that America would not expand NATO.

These are all facts that are not discussed in American and Western mainstream media in general.  America only took a brief intermission from the Cold War and continues to advance policies intent on creating containment and friction with Russia.  The Neocon and Atlanticist faction of the American foreign policy establishment is even in favor of outright destabilizing Russia.  America has an aggressive empire-protecting foreign policy and so-called liberals and progressives are now even duped by American propaganda.

In the following interview, Ron Paul Institute Executive Director Daniel McAdams correctly frames the issue.  Policy makers beholden to the Military Industrial Congressional Media Complex do not outright wish to see World War III.  But they want to keep empire and its spoils up and running.  Thus, the aggression continues, covered-up by propaganda that has some liberals thinking Putin is Hitler and conservatives blind to the boot that is on the neck of American liberty, prosperity and our very freedoms.  If you think I’m being over the top, you haven’t done your homework.

In the following 5+ minute interview, Daniel McAdams sets the record straight on the Senate’s vote to approve admitting Montenegro into NATO.  –  Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors.

President-elect Donald Trump has said he wants to shrink and reform the CIA and much of the US intelligence community, which he has claimed has become very politicized. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recently warned Trump about crossing the CIA, stating that, “You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.” Will Trump try to really take on the destructive policies and actions of the CIA, or will he focus on re-arranging the deck chairs and putting his own people in positions of power? Our take in today’s Liberty Report

“This is where it gets serious. The report cited by The Washington Post explicitly says that these 200 websites that it has identified as Russian propaganda outlets should be investigated by the U.S. government for possible prosecution under the espionage act or the foreign agent registration act. So, they don’t want to just say that these sites are discredited, they want to actually see people go to jail for daring to present news alternative to The Washington Post and The New York Times.  I find that very, very chilling and frighting and so should the rest of America, wherever you like the Ron Paul Institute, and the others, or whether you hate us because this is so deeply anti-American I can’t believe we are discussing this in 2016.” – Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, a website that has been named, along with The News Doctors and about 200 other websites.

According to a recent study by the Pentagon-linked RAND Corporation, a US military conflict with China is unlikely by calculated move but less unlikely by miscalculation or accident. Does this not mean US interventionism in the South China Sea conflict could lead to such a nightmare scenario?

As many neocons shift over to support Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, there are appearing a few bumps in the road. Last night at the convention, for example, former CIA director and defense secretary Leon Panetta found himself drowned out by chants of “no more war!” as he touted Hillary’s hawkishness. There are insurgent antiwar factions in both major parties but the establishment is trying to minimize their power and influence. How long can the center hold?  Dr. Ron Paul and RPI Executive Director Daniel McAdams examine the US political landscape this presidential election year.

Theater of the Absurd: With WikiLeaks publishing emails showing how the Clinton clique sabotaged Bernie Sanders’s campaign, the corporate media has displayed oddly misdirected outrage – outrage NOT at Clinton for cheating the hapless Bernie out of the nomination, but rather at Russian President Vladimir Putin. Yes, it was all Putin’s fault.

US intervention in Afghanistan has succeeded in replacing the Taliban threat with something even worse! As with Iraq, Libya, and Syria, there was no ISIS in Afghanistan before the US intervention. Today after 15 years of US “liberation” ISIS is not only making inroads into Afghanistan, it is turning the country into a bloodbath.