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By Guest Post On Monday, June 26th, 2017

GOLD SLAMMED! Central Banker Intervention For All To See – Dave Kranzler

This isn’t some trader’s “fat finger” accidentally overloading the sell button and pressing “sell.” This is unadulterated BIS/ECB/BoE/Fed sponsored market intervention: ...

By Eric Dubin On Friday, May 19th, 2017

Summer Doldrums Not Coming To Gold & Silver? Kranzler on SD Metals & Markets

On last week’s Silver Doctors SD Metals & Markets I made the case (click here) that silver bottomed on May 10th.  This week, precious metals fund manager Dave Kranzler joined the show to update us on...

By Guest Post On Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Counter-intuitive: Is Gold Signaling The Next Financial Crisis By Being Manipulated Down?

Gold and silver have been sold down pretty hard since April 18th. But the structure of the weekly Commitment of Traders report, which shows the long and short positions of the various trader classifications (banks,...

By Guest Post On Saturday, April 29th, 2017

The Economy Rolling Over – Dave Kranzler

The economy is rolling over.  The warning signs are there but very few look for them or want to see them. But it’s a dynamic in which once you see it you can’t “unsee” it. ...

By Eric Dubin On Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Will The Comex Silver Manipulation Ever End?

Fund manager Dave Kranzler joins “Doc” and Eric Dubin to discuss the agressive management of precious metals markets.  This month, Comex silver open interest rocketed past 230,000 contracts as the cartel...

By Eric Dubin On Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Gold About To Leap Higher In Managed Retreat? Comex Short Covering – Dave Kranzler

Are the Gold & Silver Shorts About to Receive A Religious Experience? Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joins the Show to Break Down the Largest Decline in COMEX Gold Open Interest We’ve Ever Seen… ...

By Guest Post On Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Perhaps Russia Hacked American Economic Statistics? Fake News And Real Money

“But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat...

By Guest Post On Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

The Market Has Its Head Buried Deep In The Sand – Dave Kranzler

Several “black swans” are looming which could inflict a financial nuclear accident on the U.S. markets and financial system.   I say “black swans” in quotes because a limited audience is aware of these...

By Guest Post On Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Animal Spirits Are Percolating In The Gold Market – Dave Kranzler

At some point the paper control of the gold market is going to fall prey to animal spirits. I think the reaction of the metals after the FOMC policy release and when the Dow plunged are evidence that “animal spirits”...

By Guest Post On Monday, February 27th, 2017

Totalitarianism on the Rise: The Deep State and You – Shadow of Truth

From the war on cash to the surveillance state gone wild, what’s coming down the pike ought to scare the crap out people.  Instead, the masses are fearful of exaggerated threats presented by the “Deep...