bursting bubble

The post-election run-up in stocks was fueled purely by “hope and change” energy.  Now that Trump has assumed the mantle, reality will hit like an icy shower.  The non-“alternative facts” about the economy continue to show contraction in real economic activity.   The retail sales report for December was an utter disaster, especially if you strip out gasoline and autos.


50% of gold’s move occurred on Monday, while the U.S. was closed in observance of MLK’s birthday and well before the Trump tweet.  Mining stocks in Canada moved up sharply yesterday.   This tells us that there are other factors behind the move in gold besides the expectation that the dollar is going to sell-off.


We have the ingredients for major market turmoil in 2017.


ETF inflows into the US stock market are downright explosive.  TrimTabs published a recent alert discussing the massive inflow of capital.  We are seeing money flows dancing to differences in monetary policy and currency zones.  Click here for examples playing out this morning. TND colleauge Dave Kranzler has more:


The Census Bureau reported that its advance estimates of retail sales for November show a .1% gain from October and a 3.8% gain over November 2015. Wall St. was forecasting a .4% gain. Oops. But there’s a bigger problem…

TND Guest Contributor:  Dave Kranzler

Dave Kranzler writes he believes this #FakeNews attack on the First Amendment and free speech will “succeed in shutting down the one ray of hope left for this country.”  Dear reader, my colleague will be proven correct if people fail to support alternative media.  This and other stories published at Investment Research Dynamics, The News Doctors and other “targeted” websites explaining what this attack is about need to be shared all over social media and the internet.  Facebook is throttling my uploads and the “shares” of my posts to Facebook.  Dave, Paul Craig Roberts, Dr. Ron Paul, David Stockman, ZeroHedge and hundreds of websites are under attack.  Spread our articles to help us get over the social media throttling that I’m experiencing right now.  Do you want the First Amendment to be mortally wounded?  Don’t just read.  Help!  Share our articles.    — Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors

SD Metals and Markets

Without warning, the US Mint advised authorized purchasers that 2016 year silver eagle production is suspended and no further coins will be available until 2017.  Precious metals fund manager Dave Kranzler joins Doc and Eric Dubin to forecast the market impact, the chaos going on in the bond market and India’s ban of 1,000 and 500 rupee notes


India’s war on cash sends people queuing in bank lines and spikes local Indian-priced gold higher while Western markets remain oblivious…