“John Whitehead is an American constitutional attorney whose institute, the Rutherford Institute, defends Americans’ civil liberties. In the 14 minute video below, he explains that “our” government has already set up the US military in violation of all US law and the US Constitution to suppress all dissent against the policies that “our” government follows that only benefit the One Percent. The rest of America is to be suppressed, eliminated, shot down in the streets.  Americans are the most gullible, most misformed people in human history. They have no idea what is being done to them. So many of them are so pathetic that they cheer on their own demise.” – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The purveyors of fake news—the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the despicable liars are using irresponsible innuendo to entangle President Trump in a web of treason. Here is the New York Times headline: “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence.” What we are witnessing is a campaign by the deep state using their media whores to set up Trump for impeachment.

I was wrong. I thought Gen. Mattis was a reasonable choice as he rejects the efficacy of torture, and, according to Trump, convinced Trump that “torture doesn’t work.” Apparently Mattis cannot reach beyond this realization to higher geo-political realizations. Trump needs to fire Mattis who has placed the Pentagon in the way of normal relations with Russia.

What is to come between U.S. relations with Mexico and China?  How will the World Trade Organization treaty restrain any proposed Trump-inspired changes to U.S. trade policy?  What are the prospects for Trump’s supply-side economic policy and his economic nationalist orientation?  As the former assistant secretary for domestic economic affairs at the United States Treasury, Dr. Roberts is well qualified to assess the state of Trump USA.  Let’s take a look at the new POTUS….

The corporate media throughout the Western world is starting to lose control over the “explanations” of so-called “reality,” and it is this social control that serves the interests of the establishment and economic elite.  Dr. Roberts argues the mainstream media enables the “…the CIA to control the explanations.  They allow the banks and Wall Street – they allow the Israel Lobby, they allow the extractive industry, agribusiness – these are the groups that control the explanations and this has probably been true to varying extent throughout our history, but especially since the final years of the Clinton Administration, when the media was concentrated into the hands of six mega corporations.”  The Mainstream Media is the purveyors of more “fake news” than internet-based media.

If the titans of crony-capitalism that have so thoroughly captured the organs of government sought to invent social movements that would hoodwink progressives into thinking they were serving their own best interests, what we see in today’s America comes pretty darn close to brainwashed nirvana for corporate America.    The “Left” has abandoned the working class and progressives have no idea this is their reality as the “Left” implodes.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was intended to promote and protect the interests of giant multinational corporations and not the advancement of so-called “free trade.”  The document contained only five chapters out of 29 that focused on the reduction of tariffs.  Above and beyond the furtherance of oligopoly, little understood intellectual property provisions would have empowered yet another attack on internet free speech.

The agreement was negotiated in total secrecy and even U.S. Senators couldn’t access the document in full, while “fast track” ratification authority was sought by both Democratic and Republican party interests intent of ramming the TPP through the sausage making factory known as the U.S. Congress.  Progressives and economic nationalists alike should praise Trump for flushing the TPP down the toilet.  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts asks if the Trans-Atlantic Partnership is next. — Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors

Washington is so intent on its anti-Russian propaganda that Congress has passed, and Obama has signed, an intelligence bill that contains a section, Title V, that authorizes active measures to counter purveyors of false news. These purveyors are alternative media websites, such as this one, that challenge the official lies. The truthful alternative media is accused of being under Russian influence. Last summer a website shrouded in secrecy was created that recently posted a list of 200 websites alleged to be under Russian influence, either directly or indirectly. The Washington Post irresponsibly published a long article endorsing the fake news of 200 websites working for the Russian government.