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When we were laboring through the 2011-2015 bear market cycle, constant snap backs the likes of which silver is producing were never to be seen.
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Topics on this week’s show: Manipulation of financial markets, Benghazi, New World Order Syndicate, Obama Care, Free Market Health Reform,Putin, The Ukraine, ISIS, Syria, The Constitution, Natural resources, Reserve currency, Corruption, gold, silver Global Elite, International Banking Cabal, debt, Federal Reserve, Too Big To Fail Banks, Crony Capitalism, Debt Ceiling, Financial implosion, Recession, Economic Depression, Freedom, Liberty

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PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joins the Show This Week, Discussing:

  • Are the Manipulators Losing Control?  Silver’s Up 23% Since June!
  • Record Amount of Paper is Being Thrown at Gold and Silver to Keep Them From Going Parabolic!
  • If India’s Market Wakes Up, This Market Could Get Really Explosive to the Upside! 
  • Why the Fund Manager Would “Not Be Surprised to See Gold at $1500 By October”
  • Buy Any Sell-Off – Kranzler Explains Why It’s Impossible to Time a Manipulated Market

TND Market Brief: GATA’s Bill Murphy coined the term “silver signal.”  Last night, silver started to gain traction first and displayed the signal that dip buying speculators wanted to increase their holdings, and gold soon followed.  What’s most interesting about today’s trading thus far is that we have in fact seen follow through buying on the Comex.  That was where we were most vulnerable to further selling by weak hands today – as well as help from our “friends,” the powers that be.  Nope, it’s “managed retreat” time (another Murphy coined gem).


“State of Emergency” Soft Martial Law Status Was To Be Lifted

Less than 24 hours before a man mowed down people with a truck in Nice, France, French President Hollande had confirmed that the state of emergency declared in the wake of the Nov. 2015 Paris attacks was going to expire on July 26, without renewal. During his traditional Bastille Day television interview, Hollande said, “We had to prolong the state of emergency until we could be sure that the law gives us the means to counter the terrorist threat effectively.”

Last May, France passed a comprehensive law that Hollande said “will give us the tools which, while not comparable with the state of emergency, give us the means to keep tabs on certain individuals administratively.” He added: “We can’t prolong the state of emergency forever. That would make no sense, it would mean that we were no longer a republic with laws which can apply in all circumstances.”

The state of emergency will now remain in effect.

sd weekly metals and markets - mm

Bill Murphy Warned For Several Years That $18.50 Would Serve As A Trigger For Silver. 
Sure Enough, Silver Prices Rocketed Higher After Reaching $18.50.
Has the Road Been Cleared For A Mega Move to $50/oz, and Then On to $100? 
We Invited the GATA Chairman Back On the Show This Week To Discuss What Comes Next For Silver Prices.  Key points:

  • One of the Biggest and Fastest Moves in History Could Begin NOW
  • Silver Is In Play, and the BIG MONEY is Going After It – “It’s Going to Be BREATHTAKING”
  • NO MAJOR CORRECTIONS On the Way Up? Why Big Money Could Continue Buying Silver Until the Public Becomes Involved
  • Think the Mining Shares Have Moved in 2016? Wait Till You See What the Shares Do When the Public Comes In! 
  • Murphy Warns: Once It Gets Above $21, Silver Will Reach $50 Faster Than It Did in 2011!

dystopiaTND Podcast Exclusive:  Welcome To Dystopia #24

The Brexit referendum upended markets and sent politicos into a lather.  But now that central bankers have been able to restore some semblance of calm to financial markets, you’re being told there’s nothing to see here, move along…

Fact is, there’s no way around a bailout of the European banking system.  “Doc” and I  broke the story about the bail-in model and published our report on  We noted at the time that the bail-in model would never work, and that it would only serve as a tactical band-aid to apply to specific, small institutions, or small fires burning within specific economies, as we later saw demonstrated with the bail-in of Cyprus bank deposits.  Beyond band-aids, the bail-in model isn’t worth a hill of beans.  Get ready, European tax payer, because you’re about to socialize banker losses (and Americans, who will be on the hook, over time, with Fed swap lines that are hidden and, if not unwound, add to the Fed’s balance sheet).  Welcome to dystopia.

On this episode, Jason and I dive into a free-wheeling discussion about a number of topics.  Right at the outset, we address what’s going on with precious metals, post-Brexit, and we place that into the context of the EU banking crisis.  We address:

1) Japanese Savers Flooding to Physical Gold…

2) China planning to use more than $300 billion in saver’s pension fund capital for a bailout/Plunge Protection Team of their stock market…

3) Ben Bernanke visits Abe and Kuroda in Japan to discuss a new 10 trillion Yen “helicopter money” plan in next stage of Abenomics.

4) The more than $12 trillion in global government bonds that now have negative interest rates.

5) Bitgold/Gold Money, and the significance of Peter Schiff joining forces with the company (click here for Peter Schiff’s interview with  Josh Crumb).

Scumbag Nominees:
1) Hillary Clinton for getting off the FBI hook;

2) 26 Democrats who did the gun law “sit in” all own guns!

3) Congresswoman Corrine Brown, advocate for the poor and disadvantaged communities stealing from her charities set-up to benefit those very same constituents (linkeverybody-sucks-yard-sign

4) Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton this week! All along, we knew he was a hypocrite.  He never attacked Hillary with anything but token jabs, as he discussed big picture economic policy issues, for the most part.  Bernie never let Hillary feel any “burn” of any significance regarding her role as a war mongering wench for the military industrial complex and the interests of empire, and he defended her regarding her email scandal, which in turn, is a tacit defense of her involvement in turning Libya and Syria into hell-holes.  Progressive Bern-bots loved to speak of Bernie as offering a kinder, gentler foreign policy.  But actions speak louder than words, and Bernie never took serious punches at Hillary because he knew he would never get elected, and because in the final analysis, he’s a creature of the Democratic Party establishment, all anyone that couldn’t see that – particularly after he defended Hillary – has simply been deluded with wishful thinking.

# # # #

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sd weekly metals and markets - mm

sd weekly metals and markets - mm


Gold and Silver Shrug Off Cartel Raid, Power Out a BIG Finish to a HUGE Week With A Big Outside Reversal, Closing Above Crucial Technical Levels. 
When We Record This Show Next Week, We’re Likely to See Much Higher Prices…
Doc and Dubin Break it All Down…

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After the MASSIVE panic into physical gold across the market in the wake of BREXIT caused wholesalers and Authorized Purchasers to sell out of 2016 Gold Maples and 1 oz Gold RCM Bars, last week, supplies have been replenished and maples as well as 2016 Gold Eagles and Gold Buffalo coins are once again pretty readily available across the market. 

In Silver:

The US Mint sold only 250,000 2016 American Silver Eagle coins this holiday shortened week, an astonishingly small number considering the fact that SD Bullion sold over 100,000 Silver Eagles since Monday night alone!  Either SD Bullion now accounts for 40% of the market share for Silver Eagles sales, or else the US Mint Authorized Purchasers are still selling coins from their stock-piles built up during Q1 and early Q2 as we have discussed on several recent Metals and Markets shows

Physical demand at the retail level has been extraordinary in both gold and silver coins at SD Bullion over the past week.  SD Bullion recorded all-time record sales for the week, even surpassing the epic demand experienced during Q3 of 2015.

If this type of demand continues (or even accelerates) as the summer progresses once gold heads towards $1500 and silver clears $22 and begins shooting towards $26/oz, it will be interesting to see how long the wholesalers and Authorized Purchasers can keep precious metals and particularly silver bars and coins in inventory when the momentum crowd joins the fun and the market is no longer only die-hard gold and silver bugs.

If Cramer didn't have a CNBC leash on him, he's be yelling 'Booyah' and throwing toy bulls around

TND Exclusive:  Eric Dubin

These are beautiful reversal moves. In the face of this level of buying interest, the cartel is failing to contain the tidal wave of paper gold and silver buying interest on the COMEX, while physical demand is also quite strong, worldwide, despite a temporary cooling of visible/reported purchases by the Chinese government.

If Cramer didn't have a CNBC leash on him, he's be yelling 'Booyah' and throwing toy bulls around

If Cramer didn’t have a CNBC leash on him, he’s be yelling ‘Booyah’ and throwing toy bulls around


gold reversal - july 8 - 2016


We are in the end-game and it’s unfolding along the timeline I outlined in the 4th quarter of 2014. We are in a process decline for the standard equity markets that will indeed have a phase shift acceleration once the powers that be lose what they continue to maintain: the confidence of the men and women that manage the vast majority of money under management in the Western world. That amorphous amalgamation of capital is starting to move against the stewards of the US Dollar Paradigm and the financial system that grows out of it.

A great many “analysts” and pundits in the alternative asset community continue to get this overall phase shift timing totally incorrect because they don’t have a big enough multi-disciplinary-informed “color pallet” to paint an accurate picture.  Thus, we have incorrect assessments of how the Greek Crisis timeline would unfold and serve as a delayed, contributing trigger versus crashing the market last summer.  Same story with understanding how to place the walking dead Deutsche Bank into proper context.  Deutsche Bank is not a “black swan,” but countless pundits continue to repeat that theme.  Deutsche Bank is kindling on the funeral pyre of our hyper-financialized Western financial system.

This is just a TND Market Brief.  Over the weekend, I’ll publish more detailed analysis.  I will probably link that to the Silver Doctors podcast Doc and I record later today (look for that to be published by Saturday).

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silver bullTND Market Brief:  Eric Dubin

This is fun to watch … and it’s been a long time coming.  For our American readers that follow the precious metals industry, what better way to bring on the 4th of July weekend?

James Turk was our guest on the SD Weekly Metals & Markets.  It was recorded on Thursday, before silver took out $18.50.  It will be published later today.

Some have noticed and asked me about the write-ups accompanying the podcasts.  I’m no longer authoring them.  However, I will discuss the shows in my articles and you can always find them a The News Doctors.

This weekend, I’ll be dividing time between the keyboard and the b-b-q.  Check back from time to time.  If you are on Facebook, you can also find a discussion on the Silver Doctors account (see below or click here).

Here’s to no such animal as the precious metals “summer doldrums.” — Eric