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Despite today’s capping effort, underlying fundamentals and concerns about the U.S. election are supporting precious metals.

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Do we face a market crash bigger than 2008? Eric Dubin warns the banking system is broken and explains why 2017 will be the year stock and bond markets crash.  Doc and Dubin reflect on this week’s trading action in metals and markets.

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With Silver Prices Smashed Nearly 15% This Week, the US Mint Reports Silver Eagle Sales of 1.4 million coins.
Based On Our Conversations With the CEO and Head of Trading at 2 AP’s However, We Find This Number EXTREMELY Hard To Believe…

PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joined the Show to Break It All Down, & Warned:

With Deutsche Bank & the Global Financial System On the Brink, Gold Should Be Going Crazy to the Upside – Reeks of 2008 Desperation 

sheep lies

Lies.  Everywhere.  America, wake-up.  The United States started to arm and support terrorist extremists, including Al-Qaeda, YEARS BEFORE Russia was involved in Syria.  That’s right, America supports Al-Qaeda in the form of the Al-Nusra Front, which idiotically changed its name a few weeks back in an attempt to insert confusion and obfuscate this ugly, US-narrative busting fact.  The United States and her allies have supported terrorists in an attempt to over-throw the popularly elected Syrian government for a set of geopolitical and economic reasons, and not because President Assad gassed his own people, more American propaganda; it was the terrorists that we support that were behind the major attack that almost lead to an American-lead invasion in 2013.

The humanitarian crisis in Aleppo is the product of America and allied nation war on Syria.  This is an artificial “civil war” stirred-up by “colored revolution” technology.  Most Americans don’t care one bit because Americans are the most propagandized people on planet earth.  But you know all the Syrian refugees flooding in the Europe and flowing in America?  Our so-called “leaders” benefit from this, too, because when terrorist strikes happen on our soil, which will happen, the problem our “leaders” caused will be used to take away our freedoms.  

From day one Syria wasn’t about stopping a leader harming his own people.  How many times are we going to fall for that line?  It wasn’t about Russia expanding an empire;  this started long before Russia was in this war.  This isn’t about fighting terrorism because our “leaders” are using terrorists to fight “our” wars and now, we have the blood of about a half a million dead Syrians on our hands and if Hillary Clinton, the so-called “progressive” candidate who actually is one of the most outrageous warmongers to have ever run for POTUS, takes the White House, we are going to be told that the United States must invade Syria to prevent further killing by the government and her partner, Russia.  Wake-up, America.  Our “leaders” are lying to us, and most of the people in the media reporting on this story can’t tell a certain part of their anatomy from a hole in the ground.  – Eric Dubin

pax-americana empire

In his latest outstanding analysis, Blum cuts through the lies fed to Americans and Westerners in general by a mainstream media so utterly a part of the institutional and market place interface between the interests that want Cold War 2.0 and the interest that both own the majority of the mainstream media, outright, as well as the interests behind many of the advertisers and political forces that also interface with the nature of mass media in the Western world today.  We have what amounts to a control grid filling the minds of Americans and many other Western peoples with an alternative narrative about geopolitics and “why we fight” wars. We hear our leaders sounding the calling to “do something” for our purported safety and security, or to protect civilians being attacked by some evil dictator (Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is popularly elected) killing his own people, especially children (again, the exact propaganda narrative flooding Western mainstream and alternative media right now, regarding Syria and Allepo and the stories sourced from the ‘White Hats’ NGO organization and the attacks on the aid convoy, attacks on civilians, attacks purportedly launched by Russia and attacks blamed on Syria’s army are all stories that are being framed in ways to comport to propaganda objectives).

Wake up.  Our “leaders” lie – constantly.  Mainstream media has become a mouthpiece that serves interests and has very little to do with providing information.

Blum incorrectly makes a reference to the 1991 standing treaty agreement Russia has with the Ukraine such that Russia was permitted – and has had, all along – a standing military force in the Crimea.  The propaganda in the United States is so powerful that even alternative media makes many mistakes and misframes what is going on in the Ukraine and Syria.  Even Blum is using the word “invasion” incorrectly.  Russia never invaded.  That and his proscriptions against capitalism are nuances where he and I differ.  But the thrust of his arguments are largely on-target.  This whole rebirthing of Cold War 2.0 is one of the most dangerous developments to have come to the REAL security of the American people in decades.  The American people are so propagandized, most are unaware they have been hoodwinked into believing a Matrix-worthy alternative reality, an alternative narrative that robs Americans of true national security.  Click below for Blum’s latest.  – Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors 

sd weekly metals and markets - mm

Craig Hemke of the TF Metals Report joins Doc and Dubin to make sense of Deutsche Bank developments and this week’s market action.


For over two years, I have maintained that the German government will be forced to nationalize Deutsche Bank.  Recently, talk of nationalization is making the rounds in certain circles within Germany.  Authorities are stalling, hoping that the financial system, overall, will “right itself” over time.  This is nothing but a Robert Rubin style ‘extend and pretend’ strategy on steroids.  When we get closer to Deutsche Bank imploding to the point of risking the trigger of a derivatives market cascade, Germany will announce nationalization plans.  I expect to see this announcement when DB shares slip under $9 and are making their way to $5.  

Kranzler is spot-on to spotlight what’s at stake, and this implosion could happen faster than the idiotic central banker and policy makers pretending to be in control can afford.  While I think Deutsche Bank will be “saved” “fast enough” to temporarily “save” the global Western banking system, the very act of saving the festering boil will prove to enough financial market participants that all the lies and vapor supporting the markets since the 2008 crash are indeed, untenable.  Saving Deutsche Bank will not fix the problems of impaired debt in the system, and the whole cycle of extend and pretend will continue, with one major difference:  it will be impossible to hide how screwed-up things are.   THAT is what takes down the system, because the missing ingredient for a global market crash all these years has been the development of an event that is big enough in magnitude to indicate to all the system is broken, beyond repair.  The system’s problems are a heck of a lot bigger than just Deutsche Bank.  I think the next market crash is a multi-stage event, and we will see part of it happen this year (which will be re-inflated), but the lion’s share of the crash will be a 2017 story.

Post-2008, “the system” has survived by ultimately creating the lowest interest rate paradigm in world history…not 500 year lows, but lows tantamount to the lowest interest rates in human history.  Financial markets are supported by an illusion.  This is going to end horribly, regardless of what happens to Deutsche Bank.

I do not subscribe to the notion that Lehman was purposefully imploded, and Kranzler hints at this, as do others.  Rather, it’s pretty clear the powers that be let Lehman fail, rather than pushing it towards failure, and the banking interests that were behind the policy makers that decided to let Lehman fail were gravely hurt by their decision.  That pain scared policy makers and the banking interests they serve.  There is no intention of letting Deutsche Bank implode, and as DB drives to $8 and below, Germany will be more vocal about nationalization.  Here’s Kranzler’s outstanding take;  he and I differ only on minor details and the end-game sequence.  – Eric Dubin

sd weekly metals and markets - mm

With Gold and Silver Prices Smashed Again Friday Afternoon, GATA Chairman Bill Murphy’s Mic Was SMOKING…

sd weekly metals and markets - mm

With Gold and Silver Smashed Again Friday Ahead of FOMC Week, PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joined Us to Break Down All the Propaganda and Market Action:

  • Will Silver FINALLY Take Out This Critical Level After the FOMC?
  • FOMC Meeting Could Trigger Next Stage of Gold and Silver Bull Market
  • No Coincidence the BIG HITS Have Been Occurring on COMEX Open
  • CME to Roll out Gold/Silver Ratio Futures Contracts –What’s the Bankster Play Here? 

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Dubin, & Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Is Below: