TND Editor’s Note:  It’s breathtaking to observe the idiocy of neocon and liberal/Atlanticist interventionists make a total mockery of their stated foreign policy goals.  America is the leading facilitator of Islamic terrorism used as a proxy war force – e.g., the Syrian war theater.  Seeking “uni-polar” world domination, the West supposedly fights the rise of Russia, China, the BRICS in general, and any power block that could ultimately threaten “uni-polar” dominance.  The fruits of this policy vision are producing an outcome opposite of neocon/Atlanticist stated goals.  Perhaps Robert Kagan, Hillary Clinton, Senator John McCain and the gaggle of other neocon/Atlanticist jackasses are no where near as intelligent as they profess.  There’s something to be said for the ‘order out of chaos’ thesis.  But make no mistake, ‘losing Turkey’ wasn’t what the West had in mind.  Over the coming years, that is exactly what might happen.  Warmongering imbeciles!  — Eric Dubin

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Expert Gold, Silver, and Energy Analyst SRSRocco Joins the Show This Week, Discussing:

  • Bull Market Reboot – Gold and Silver Are Being Attacked By TPTB, But They’re Losing Control!
  • What Happens if Stocks and Bonds Crash?  5% In Gold is a Joke! 
  • Are We In the 2nd Inning of the Most Powerful Bull Market in History?
  • The Big Change: Expert Explains Why It Will Be Important to Own Gold and Silver in the Next 3-5 Years

TND Editor’s Note: In all likelihood, the information will be interesting not so much for what it directly discloses, but what can be seen by reading between the lines and noting what isn’t disclosed or, redacted.

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With gold and silver prices smashed through significant levels after the London close this afternoon, Craig Hemke joined the show to analyze the brutal take-down:

  • Smash timing suggests tightness in London physical market
  • Price manipulation is like pornography – its hard to define, but you know it when you see it, and today was blatant
  • Hemke: “these bastard banks are backed into a corner!” – are we witnessing the cartel’s last ditch attempt to stop an epic gold and silver bull market?
  • LME, Goldman Sachs, and World Gold Council collaborate to launch “physical” un-allocated gold contracts
  • Hemke explains the factor that has become the single biggest fundamental reason to own gold and silver bullion

Catch this week’s show for Hemke’s epic rant and spot-on analysis:


As an American, I hereby apologize to the world.  If you thought the US Presidential Election was crazy thus far, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Jason and I survey the political landscape and tie it into what’s going on with our economy and financial markets.  – Eric Dubin

forward brick wall

TND Editor’s Note:  Philip Kennedy and I talked about the state of our financial markets and economy last week, as well as how the election cycle fits into the drama.  We attempt to wrap our minds around how the “end game” will unfold.

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With Gold and Silver Prices Hammered Below Critical Support at $1350 and $20 Friday, We Dissect the Big Moves For You, Discussing:

  • Gold and Silver Prices SMASHED On Friday’s Huge Job Numbers 
  • +255k Jobs in July- BLS Numbers GOOSED For Hillary? 
  • US Mint Sells Only 75,000 Silver Eagles First Week of August –Physical Silver Demand DEAD? 
Of course there's no monkey business going on at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics!

Can anyone honestly look at the last 18 months of the schizophrenic Atlanta Fed’s “GDPNow” model and take it seriously?  Times have changed and we now live with markets and an economy that are vastly more managed than the 1980s and, in turn, forecasting has become both more difficult as well as hyper-politicized.  But honestly, if I was working on a project to develop something like the GDPNow model back in the 1980s, results like this crap would have earned me a pretty ugly grade from my Keynesian-trained professors!

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Sunshine Minting CEO Tom Power joined the show for an exclusive insider’s look at the trends & mechanics of the physical silver bullion market.  Tom offered SD listeners an invaluable look into the silver investment demand market.  Is the retail silver shortage over, or is this the lull before an unprecedented shortage?