Fund manager Dave Kranzler joins “Doc” and Eric Dubin to discuss the agressive management of precious metals markets.  This month, Comex silver open interest rocketed past 230,000 contracts as the cartel created new short issuance to match-up against persistent interest among speculators to get long.  The market finally cracked and the cartel has been taking a victory lap and covering their shorts and closing out positions, with Comex OI dipping below 200,000 contracts for the first time in many days.  Kranzler opines on these dynamics and places them into a bigger picture context of very strong worldwide demand.  If you’re in need of a review, click here to catch last week’s show with Craig Hemke for a description on how the shorting operation works.  Tune into this week’s show, below:


Recent trading offers a classic example of how the guardians of the banking and fiat system suppress the price of silver in order to keep gold from rocketing higher and upsetting global markets.  TF’s Craig Hemek joins “Doc” and Eric Dubin to dissect this week’s aggressive silver price suppression on this week’s Silver Doctors’ SD Metals & Markets

With cruise missiles flying into Syria and North Korea is in Trump’s crosshairs, what the heck is going on?  Eric Dubin and Jason Burack cut through the geopolitical fog and tie it back to market action.

We’ve seen unusual trading with the London P.M. Fix and mining shares diverging from metals again.  Add new contract issuance on the Comex and it’s clear the guardians of the fiat paper paradigm are hard at work to contain the flight to safety reaction of gold bulls.  Doc and I take a look at this week’s trading as global tensions rise…

Are the Gold & Silver Shorts About to Receive A Religious Experience?
Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Joins the Show to Break Down the Largest Decline in COMEX Gold Open Interest We’ve Ever Seen…

The West lies about Russia having invaded the Ukraine. America and her allies lie about the nature of the Syrian conflict and how the West built-up terrorist forces as a proxy army.  American-led NATO has been encircling Russia while claiming that Russia is a massive aggressor.  In exchange for the peaceable dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the integration of West and East Germany following the demise of the Soviet Union and the so-called ending of the Cold War, the U.S. made verbal commitments that America would not expand NATO.

These are all facts that are not discussed in American and Western mainstream media in general.  America only took a brief intermission from the Cold War and continues to advance policies intent on creating containment and friction with Russia.  The Neocon and Atlanticist faction of the American foreign policy establishment is even in favor of outright destabilizing Russia.  America has an aggressive empire-protecting foreign policy and so-called liberals and progressives are now even duped by American propaganda.

In the following interview, Ron Paul Institute Executive Director Daniel McAdams correctly frames the issue.  Policy makers beholden to the Military Industrial Congressional Media Complex do not outright wish to see World War III.  But they want to keep empire and its spoils up and running.  Thus, the aggression continues, covered-up by propaganda that has some liberals thinking Putin is Hitler and conservatives blind to the boot that is on the neck of American liberty, prosperity and our very freedoms.  If you think I’m being over the top, you haven’t done your homework.

In the following 5+ minute interview, Daniel McAdams sets the record straight on the Senate’s vote to approve admitting Montenegro into NATO.  –  Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors.

In episode 98, Phil interviews Eric Dubin (link) from The News Doctors to discuss the Fed, Yellen, Trump, interest rates and way more.

Bullion was resilient in the face of constant capping efforts last month. The fundamentals for strong gold are over the top and include massive under-reported Chinese physical demand purposefully obfuscated by mainstream media and Wall Street (but documented by myself and other analysts given Swiss refiner flows).  Gold blasted through $1,250 last week;  something had to be done.  This is how the picture looks:

What is really going on with economy, markets and the Trump administration?  Debt ceiling fireworks on the horizon?  Tune into this week’s “Operation Freedom” for experts discuss recent developments with Dr. Dave Janda: