On episode 100 of the Kennedy Financial Podcast,  Phil and John interview Dr. Ron Paul to discuss the Fed, sound money, taxation (theft), marriage, financial principles and the cause for liberty.

In episode 98, Phil interviews Eric Dubin (link) from The News Doctors to discuss the Fed, Yellen, Trump, interest rates and way more.

Phil Kennedy sat down with financial and geopolitical analyst Eric Dubin to discuss the Fed’s failure to raise interest rates…again.  Eric explains that financial markets have levitated on artificial liquidity and 2017 will be the year market participants give up their blind faith that central bankers can support asset prices, indefinitely.

In this outstanding interview, Kranzler makes sense of current economic dynamics, why the Fed is totally up against the wall, and what potential ramifications will come to the stock market, precious metals, real-estate and more.  Tune in to the latest Kennedy Financial podcast. – Eric Dubin

Phil and John sit down with Louis Cammarosano of Smaul Gld to discuss real estate, gold, silver, economics and more! John tells Phil about the NYC economy, and Phil covers the truth about Amazon’s failed student loan initiative with Wells Fargo.

TND Editor’s Note:  Philip Kennedy and I talked about the state of our financial markets and economy last week, as well as how the election cycle fits into the drama.  We attempt to wrap our minds around how the “end game” will unfold.