LaVoy Finicum

LaVoy Finicum

TND Exclusive:  Prepper Jack

I have reviewed the video released by the FBI.  You can access “.mov” file versions of the video rather than YouTube copies for higher resolution.  Click here for the FBI press release issued on Thursday.  Here are some of my initial observations.

It appears that LaVoy Finicum and his group left the first stop after 4-5 minutes, leaving at a high rate of speed. They were then stopped by the road block. The SUV veered left and appeared to hit an agent. That alone could have easily precipitated a one sided fire fight with OSP and FBI opening up with everything they had, much like local LEO do when one of their members is assaulted by a driver using a vehicle as a deadly weapon.

Leaving aside gross violation of Firearm Safety Rule #4, done during the short period when the two agents shoot Finicum, I have to say that both Finicum’s group and the OSP/ FBI showed great restraint in their actions. This is going to be a critical factor in the after action analyses but rest assured, there will be voices on both sides who are going to claim otherwise, particularly on the actions of the agents who appear to shoot a surrendering Finicum.

I can’t say with 100% certainty that Finicum was NOT reaching for his gun.  He might have been saying “Shoot me, Shoot me” in a suicide by cop action. He might have been in a condition of panic, moved his hands around in confusion, as the agents yelled commands for him show them his hands; get on the ground. or we’ll shoot you. There are bare seconds as this action unfolded. Each side had fractions of seconds to respond to a dynamic and terrifying situation.

Lack of audio leaves one guessing what was said. This was almost like a movie shot in the 1920’s, before the advent of sound tracks We’re missing the talking crawl at the bottom of the screen, unable to fill the missing parts of the story on screen, and off.

After Finicum was down, several flash bangs were seen going off around the SUV. These are powerful explosive charges, intended to blind and disorienting their targets. Anyone in the SUV would already be in a highly emotional and charged state, seeing their friend shot, possibly a few rounds hitting their vehicle and pumped up from the stop, chase and crash that just occurred. The agents would be in a very agitated state, with orders to stop the occupants, knowing they’re armed and also told that some would not give up without a fight.

The flash bangs were followed up with pepper balls, seen as puffs of white on the SUV. I DO NOT see a fusillade of rounds hitting Finicum’s SUV. That is where part of the story veers from what appears in a recent verbal account by Victoria Smart when her testimony was recorded and posted to YouTube the day before the FBI released their drone footage (click here to access the audio).

Watch the tinted windows. A series of rounds would shatter these windows, allowing you to see inside the SUV. Throughout the rest of the video, the side windows appear intact, as does the driver’s window. That type of glass would show very distinct bullet entry patterns. Rounds hitting metal would create visible metal scars where the white paint explodes away from the metal. 20-30 rounds hitting the side of the white paint would show up as a pattern of dark scars very visible from the drone flying overhead.

I’d say the drone as at 150 feet up, judging from clarity and the height of trees relative to the viewing angles, close enough to see the effects of rounds hitting the SUV. 100 plus rounds of high velocity pistol, rifle and shot gun 00 buck would have shredded the SUV. The impacts would rock the truck. It’s unlikely that anyone inside would have survived. 9mm rounds easily penetrate a soft skinned truck as will 00 buck. I’ve tested that before, using an abandoned car as a target. Small caliber rounds easily penetrate the thin metal skin of a passenger vehicle.

The occupants of the SUV also showed great restraint. Sometimes a fire fight like this ends up with some or all the occupants opening up with their rifles and pistols. There were several weapons found in the SUV. I think these well meaning people, generally of peaceful manner yet stalwart in their commitment to their cause, were probably scared half to death, blinded and disoriented by the flash bangs, disabled by the pepper balls, and pretty much unable to respond with anything more than surrender. Yet the way the scene was secured seems strange. Agents were wandering around, some with their weapons down or at the low ready as the occupants left the truck.. People were allowed to exit with hands up but were not taken down and handcuffed immediately.

The occupants of Finicum’s truck are not soldiers like special forces who are conditioned to take incoming rounds and the disorientation of a fire fight. They are just like us, ordinary people who are faced with overwhelming firepower and commitment by law enforcement to stop them, maybe at any cost. With even a slight change in the scenario it could have changed in an instant to something like a killing field with agents unloading every gun at their disposal.
As a side note, anyone trying an aggressive action will find they are going to face this sort of response. If LEO has enough advance warning, they will call in every resource available up to and including MRAPS and Stryker vehicles.

I jokingly talk about the Ron White School of Fight Club.
Rule #1:  Never talk about Fight Club.
Rule #2:  If you don’t know how many they’ll bring to a gun fight, know this: They’ll bring enough.

Ammon Bundy started an action that many will salute and with which they will find common cause. Some will criticize his actions as foolhardy and unwise; a fight that was started at the wrong time, at the wrong place for perhaps the wrong reasons. The reasons we fight for liberty and our freedoms are as individual as our DNA. The desire to throw off the restraints of the state; the desire to resist the incursion on our House of Liberty are stronger in some than others.

Ammon and Ryan Bundy, brothers; Carol and Cliven Bundy; their mother and father, their friends and families; bravely stared down the craggy hard edged face of the State at Bunkerville. The State blinked first. Finicum was on horse back during the standoff at the Bundy Ranch on April 12 2014. He looked into the teeth of the state as it bared its fangs. He’s seen that war up close.

Part of me can understand why he continued the fight and why he was willing to give his life in this cause. His life might have been spent in vain, shot down in the snow on a country road as some would say.  It’s not vain though. If he sought martyrdom in his cause and the fight to regain the liberties and freedoms we’ve seen eroded over the decades, then his death will not be in vain.

The state might find that this incident is the flash point that sparks the liberty movement to greater action. We are far more likely to see this as the tipping point where patience is replaced with action. We’ve seen dozens of incidents where civilians; black, white, brown and red, who were slain by overly aggressive police. That’s occupied enormous amounts of airtime in the last several years and will little effect except to inflame the populace. Whatever happens here in the alternative and main stream media, Finicum’s death will not be in vain by those who treasure liberty, finding common cause and common ground in the land under our feet, allying our hearts and minds with the Bundys; the Finicums, their friends and families. I expect that this will put steel in the spines of many who have, to date, sat on the fence, saying to themselves that it’s not their fight, it’s not next door, it’s someone else’s duty to face down the State.  The State has thrown down the gauntlet. It’s our duty to pick it up.

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Most of us have heard of the Tueller Drill or Tueller distance, a study of close contacts of the good guys and bad guys in which the adversary got to close to the good guy or the good guy inadvertently got too close to the bad guy.

What’s too close? 5 feet? 10 feet? 25 feet? 25 yards?*

The reality is the minimum safe distance in which the good guy can draw and fire his weapon is TWENTY ONE FEET. That’s the distance an adversary can travel in approximately 2 seconds. This assumes the good guy can draw and fire stopping shots before the bad guy gets close enough to do real and potentially fatal damage.

This video shows clearly that close contact with a determined adversary leaves the officer or civilian in dire peril. A knife is easily one of the deadliest items in the arsenal of weapons that can inflict gross, terrible and even fatal damage.

Most of us operate in condition WHITE, a state that is pretty close to unconscious when it comes to spotting present dangers to our persons. We walk, work and recreate in proximity to other people. It’s difficult to avoid the chance encounter with a bad guy but, and here’s where the key element of being in Condition YELLOW comes into play, noticing something out of the ordinary, a person who has their hands concealed and acting suspiciously, almost in a state that might be called their personal Condition YELLOW, and see this person as one to avoid.

Recent studies have shown the optimal distance is more like 28 feet, a mere additional 7 feet, and yet a critical factor that gives the good guy more time to move, draw, shoot and avoid the oncoming adversary, even to the point of deflecting momentum that could carry him into the good guy. Rare is the time that two shots can stop a determined adversary. Shooting AND moving is a critical factor in avoiding injury.

It’s safe to assume that a person who decides to attack you, or even escape, has thought out their strategy and tactics in their mind many times, just as you developed scenarios to deal with the unexpected and violent chance encounters that might come your way.

There are as many scenarios and ways to deal with these situations as there bad guys and good guys out there in the world. Distance is your friend and, as often as not, escape is the best deterrent to taking on a someone intent on harming you, friends and family. You can run, can’t you. 28 feet is a respectable distance when seeking escape path, cover or concealment or defusing the situation by leaving the scene entirely.

But if escape is not an option, distance might be the best factor in determining whether you control the situation or the bad guy takes the fight to you. Whether it’s 21 feet or 28, distance is your friend.

*25 yards is minimum distance if someone already has a firearm out and is preparing to shoot at you.

The following video published at the The Indicrat YouTube channel is instructive:


banksters-manipulate-gold-and-silverTND Exclusive: Prepper Jack

I am not certain what is going on in the COMEX because the figures are subject to falsification. The one thing I can say with certainty is the the banksters are doing what they always do when things get dicey.

They’ll resort to the trade I call “the race to steal pennies off a dead man’s eyes.”  This you can take to the bank.

The lowest of the criminal class were those who resorted to grave robbing and purloining what little money a corpse had on the body. Bankers in their cheap $250 suits might not have the carrion odor of a grave robber but if you  were to get really close to a banker, you can smell the stink of fear and greed. I don’t recommend that but some people like to take greater risks than others.

In the last 35 years I’ve seen literally scores of banks and  hundreds of bankers do what bankers do  better than anyone else with the exception of the government.  They create their internal financial crises through inept decisions, chase unsustainable yields,  allow personal greed to rule their judgements, engage in excessive leverage and fail to account for economic cycles.  Bankers are not known for their intelligence or mathematical abilities.   Those deficit qualities, combined with trillions of dollars of other peoples money, makes for a very bad combination.

It’s the same as if you give a compulsive gambler an unlimited line of credit at the casino, tell them to have fun and go for it.  In the case of banksters, everyone loses.  All banks fail eventually just as gamblers end up broke. Banksters don’t just double down. They double down, double again and then triple down, with leverage killing the bank as each bet turns against them while leaving them with only option, doubling down once again to make back their losses and break even.  Sometimes bank failure can happen in no more than a few hours as was the case of WAMU. In the case of Dexia, a lowland country bank, it failed within 45 days of being rated the #1 bank of its region. What we are seeing today is the End Game of the bankster casino enterprise, with the absolute threat that when the collapse happens it will take down everything.  I’ve been there, seen it and have ball caps and lapel buttons to prove it.

Everyone gets in  the game. Employees get sucked into the game. Bank controllers who might have decent math skills get in the game, suborned by their superiors to cook the books so as to deceive the auditors, depositors, shareholders and government regulators that things are not going well. That takes some serious tap dancing.  Share holders get in the game. The public gets in the game. I’ve seen that up close and personal, invested in it and seen that sort of questionable and criminal action destroy a bank within a few weeks of the deception being disclosed. I’ve even seen bankers invest in the stock of other banks that come well recommended, only to see that bank implode a month later, destroying the banks which invested into the super nova bank that turned out to be little more than black hole. When Barney Frank urged the investing public and banks to buy stock in the investment of the decade, something called Freddie and Fanny Mae, those two quasi government banks imploded with a 100% loss to all investors. Some banks put their spare capital into those carrion filled bags of filth and saw their capital destroyed, resulting in cataclysmic failure to the investors.

What always amazed me is that every person at the bank, from the Chairman to the CEO, to the senior officers, all the way down to the file clerk, are engaged in some of the most massive self deception imaginable.  Most of the top officers are fully invested in the stock of the bank and end up being wipe out when the bank fails. When doing the same thing again and again, thinking it will produce different results, is insane. Insanity is compounded on more insanity. The one thing that is immensely frustrating is the deepest pocket banksters like JPM, UBS, HSBC, GS and MS is that they can bribe their way to survival with political contributions, paid for with our money. Or even worse, they can pay nominal fines ranging from $250,000 to $20,000,000,000, paid for with our money, thus avoiding seizure, collapse and jail time. Like I said, most bankers are not that bright but it’s clear that some are sufficiently conniving to stay out of jail by paying off those who run high cover for their criminal actions. Never mistake the connivance of the survival instinct for intelligence. The entire world is being lead by the nose by people who’s collective IQ couldn’t jump start a chain saw. And yet here we are, sitting at the precipice, looking into the void, wondering if we’ll get pushed over the edge by the bankers or get to push them into the chasm. Regretfully, I’d wager on the former as opposed to the latter.

After you read this and think what I say is reasonable, you can take it to the bank that the people with whom we place trust to hold our funds, make our loans, trade our stocks and even manage the funds of an entire country are easily some of the most inept and greedy people with whom you might associate.  What makes it worse is that they use computer programs written by other inept bankers and financial incompetents to run the show. Are you reading this Mr Greenspan?

Placing your trust in bankers during good times means you are opening yourself to wholesale theft. Placing your trust in people who are  self appointed carriers of the pointy end of the financial spear, by doing so in the tough economic times assures failure, is foolish by several orders of magnitude.  I’d not trust these types with a spork.

I’d not a trust a banker any farther than I could throw a 1000 oz good delivery COMEX bar.  With that bar I’d have something tangible. With a banker I’d have little more than an air ball. Besides which, leaving anything of value laying around means a banker will steal it if the government doesn’t get there first.

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I am very much in favor of having a small and easily transported safety kit available at all times — an “Everyday Carry Kit.” Here are some considerations you might want to think about when building your own. My personal design might not be best for everyone because I often carry other gear directly on my person too. But as we walk through what I do, you can easily imagine variations that can better meet your needs.

I always wear BDUs or cargo shorts with lots of storage space. My folding knife is already in my pocket as is my tactical flashlight that offers white, red and green bulbs as optional colors, and includes a tiny compass in the base.

My IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is thinner than my wallet and easily fits in my back pocket. It contains bandages, 1 set of latex gloves, neosporin, betadyne wipes and a rescue breathing shield. A badanna is carried in another pocket. That handkerchief can be used for breathing, head cover, bandage, tourniquet, sling or wash cloth. It’s large enough to be cut in half so that the same bandanna has two separate uses. My wallet contains a credit card sized folding knife and a similar sized flat multitool. If you have space, a Swiss Army knife or Gerber Multitool fills the bill. In addition to FIAT I carry three1 ounce silver coins.

My everyday carry firearm is a Keltec P32, a 32 caliber pistol. I carry 2 backup mags loaded with Hydrashock rounds. That’s 27 total rounds of ammo. The pistol is carried in an inside-the-belt l holster, offers total concealability and is as lethal at knife fighting distance as a gun as you would want. The whole rig weights less than 1 pound. Yeah, I know. Mouse Gun. Sub-caliber. Pocket Rocket. I’ve heard all the snide comments. Rest assured I am very capable with that little blaster as my summer carry firearm. Come winter I carry a Glock 26 with 3 mags in my vest.

For the Gray Man effect that allows you to blend in, you want to wear clothes that fit your firearm and not the other way around. Your EDC bag should reflect that. Find a bag that doesn’t shout Maxpedition. Military. I carry. I’m a prepper. The more you blend in, the more you can walk around without drawing attention to yourself. As a quick P.S., my car gun is an AR 15 pistol with 5 20 rounds mags carried in a Wilson Tennis Racket bag. Just sayin’ … but that’s my backup gun. Subtle I am not.

Every kit must contain fire starters. A BIC lighter and a small pack of Vaseline coated shredded paper in a Altoid tin or air tight pill bottle works well. Add a Fresnel lens for magnifying power that can also concentrate sun power to light flammables, a few waterproof matches and you’ll have 2 backup firestarters.

A Sillock key is useful for opening water valves at commercial buildings. Most non-residential buildings have shielded water valves that can only be accessed with a Sillock key. The key reaches into the recessed valves of most commercial water taps. Under stress, you can become dehydrated within 2 hours so know that water is life. Instead of a hard sided water can, I suggest you get a soft sided plastic canteen. These flat plastic canteen can be completely collapsed and folding into a small space but when filled with water will hold as much as 1 liter per canteen. They’re available at Walmart for less than $3.  I would not store water in these bags for extended periods.  They make decent temporary canteens but you’ll probably see some chemicals leaching into the water.  It’s easy to keep 1-2 gallons of water in quality plastic bags that won’t leach. Rotate the water regularly so it doesn’t get stale.  Two gallons would allow you to refill your radiator or that of a stranded motorist and have clean drinking water close at hand.

Boots? I wear a good pair of walking shoes or boots 24/7. My socks are top quality and made for miles of walking. As for outwear, a poncho is a good idea. Bright yellow would not be my first choice. Digital camo or gray would be preferred. If I want to be seen, my flashlight has a strobe and multiple colors. It might be a good idea to have a pair of gloves close at hand. They take up space but since we are talking about an EDC bag, you should be close to another means of storage ranging from your car, office or briefcase, so if weather is an issue, make sure you have gloves nearby if not stored on your person.

A solar blanket is a great idea for warmth. If heat retention is critical, the solar blanket can be worn as extra cover. Just cut a slit in the middle and make arm holes, drape it over your body, under your clothes and then wear the poncho. A solar blanket can double as a poncho but be sure to wear a hat or have a watch cap nearby. You will be sweating within 1 mile of your walk so layer your protection for heat retention and dispersal. Staying dry and warm is the key to survival where exposure to the elements is a factor.

Buy a very small carry bag like the Scrubs sacks sold as grocery bags.  Some even have shoulder carry straps but all have handles.  This allows you to pack a lot of gear even though the actual sack is about the size of a gold ball when folded. These sacks can carry 5-10 lbs easily.

This small Get Home Bag or EDC might offer space for a high calorie energy bar. Include a couple of pieces of caffeine gum (or a pack of instant coffee and a packet of honey). With a Snickers bar, you’ll round out the calorie count. Some people like to keep their EDC bag on their belts, like I do. These military style zippered bags attach with belt loops and have MOLLE or ALICE fasten points. Keep to small carabiners on the MOLLE straps. You can hook your folding canteens on to the carabiners, leaving more space for your gear. I keep a folding canteen in my pocket all the times. You should be able to blouse out your shirt or better yet, don’t tuck it in. You might look like a scruff but that shirt covers your gear and weapons, helping you blend in. So you look like and Urban Dork. You’ll be a surviving Dork and that’s all that counts.

You can always scrounge food at Mickey D’s or Starbucks if they are available. With a fire starter, wood and a flat rock you can cook some road kill. Just kidding. I wanted to see if you were still reading. I’d use a metal road sign as a grill.

The universe of ideas on EDCs is nearly infinite. Have fun designing yours. It’s not your father’s fanny pack anymore.

TND Exclusive:  Prepper Jack |

Cliven Bundy

Cliven Bundy

Cliven Bundy came to the Bonanza Casino in Reno Nevada with his wife and bodyguard on Tuesday evening, Sept 9, 2014.  The event was sponsored by the Northern Nevada Tea Party.

With just over 60 people in the audience, mostly locals,  with a smattering of people running for local offices, the gathering was small enough that each person was able to hear everything and have lots of interaction with Cliven.  He accomodated all questions with candor in his comfortable, straightforward manner of speaking.

Cliven and Carol were available for 30 minutes before his speech.  Those personal conversations usually focused on how the family was doing.  Many people asked if the BLM had returned, and what the Bundy family saw as the future for their ranch and possible encounters with 3 lettered agencies.

Cliven and Carol assured their friends and allies, myself included, that calm had returned to the ranch, the melon crop was coming in nicely and the cattle ranching operation was starting to come back to normal even though Cliven was uncertain as to how many head were killed or stolen by the BLM and their hired ‘cowboys’.  He estimated that the number lost could easily be 50 head — possibly over 100.  But the reality was the exact number couldn’t be calculated.  He indicated that the cattle operation would take 2 years to recover due to the loss of calves.  Destruction of the calving cycle was the primary damage to the cattle herd.

Just before his speech, Cliven went to a different room to give an interview with Reno Channel 4 News.  Some speculated that theTV reporters didn’t want the public to see the robust turnout of the Tea Party membership. If  they had, they’d have seen a full house.

Once the media interview was completed the formalities of introductions were made by the hosts and two people running for political office. The atmosphere was light since these candidates knew the importance of their local offices.  Reference to their candidacies were done with humor and a easy touch.

Cliven started out by repeatedly hitting home on the importance of the local office holders and sheriffs, both of which are the touchstone of sovereignty for We, The People.  He told us that the local government representatives were the bulwark of the people’s individual rights and acknowledged the candidates in the room.

He told the audience he wasn’t going to focus his speech on subjects like the Federal Government, “Reds and Blues” of the elephant and the jackass political parties and the oppression of BLM in their actions against his family and protectors at the ranch.  Some were worried that he would not given his views of what happened at Bundy Ranch.  They weren’t disappointed.  Cliven started slowly, almost hesitating in his approach to the real topics at hand.  It appeared that he was not completely comfortable with public speaking, but he quickly worked up to the main topic of the night. The words flowed freely and with unassuming eloquence.  His manner was self effacing and honest.  You could not help but like the man and his straighforwardness. That is the manner of a plain man who wants people to hear his message.

Cliven made it clear that We, the People, have lost a tremendous amount of our liberties, freedom and sovereignty to a powerful national government and its unelected bureaucracies. He started at the local level, telling how Nevadans used to have control over their destinies.  He also hit hard on the fact that the local representative such as city councils and sheriffs have turned on the people, forgetting their only constituencies are We, the People and not a Federal government.  He talked with specific references as to how much of the Nevada budget is now from the Federal government (27%), and how much land in Nevada is owned by this same government (87%).  He made it clear that the state of Nevada and its local governments had sold out and were bought and paid for by the government in Washington, D.C.  We, the people were not longer considered in the financial computations of local officials, state and Federal government. We were just sheep to be sheared.

Cliven talked about how We, the People were part of the territory of Nevada long before statehood and how the compact between the people and their very limited form of local government worked quite well for many decades before statehood.  The Bundy Family started their farming operations 140 years ago.  The Bundy Family’s natural rights to the land superceded any Federal laws and land use regulations.  He stressed that point so that the audience recognized the sovereign rights inherent to those pioneers who first drew benefit from Free Range AND how those rights were forfeited to the government in return from some pittance of government money.

He was talking to the right group since most people in the audience were multi-generational residents of Nevada.  He asked the audience to think about what happened since the advent of statehood for Nevada, how the Federal government had taken such an enormous amount of land from what was formerly a territory governed, not by the Constitution, but by territorial law. He implied that since the advent of statehood and the adoption of the Constitution as the law of the land, things had been turned on their ear.

Cliven suggested that the Federal corruption of individual laws and state rights had been perverted by the same government that purported to uphold and enforce the Constitution.   He asked the members of the audience to ponder the convoluted puzzle of a sovereign people who carved out the territory of Nevada becoming so beholden to the Federal government, allowing that same government to impose fees and taxes for management of land that had always been under the capable management of We, The People.

Cliven repeatedly referenced the phrase “We, the People”, making clear its vital place in the Constitution, it’s power in the hearts and minds of the people and to the Bundy Family and the hundreds of stalwart protectors who rallied to help the Bundy family.  The same spirit moved those people to confront the BLM as the Governor of Nevada, Nevada Highway Patrol, Mesquite police and the local sheriffs turned their backs on this family in their haste to help the Feds establish a military camp two miles up the road from the Bundy ranch at the Virgin River, and then aided the Federal troops in their assault on April 12.

It’s very important to note that amongst the number of armored troops that day in April were members of the local law enforcement.  These same men who were friends and neighbors of the Bundys turned on the Bundy family, breaching their Constitutional duty with a complete repudiation of the Oath to protect the people that elected them and paid their salary.  It makes one wonder about the loyalties of any elected official.  Who’s paying the guardians?  If it’s the Federal Government to whom they are beholden, it falls to the responsibility of the people to see to their own protection.  We, the People are on our own.

Cliven made reference to the people of this country in the 200 years before the American Revolution.  He spoke of the nature of the men who were inspired by God to write the Constitution and then in the same spirit go out and fight the Revolutionary war, wresting control of our sovereignty from the British Government with its most power military force on earth.  He said this Divine Inspiration forged the Founding Fathers determination and perseverance.  Implicit in these words were the reference to the territory and later, the state of Nevada and how the same sort of governmental actions now weigh heavily on state and individual sovereignty.

He asked the listeners what they thought inspired the few hundred mostly unarmed people, including Cliven’s sons and daughters, to march forward to the line of highly armed BLM troops when many of those same people saw red lasers painting their chests.  Cliven didn’t need to say this action was divinely inspired.  That was easy to deduce from the fearless actions of his friends, family and members of the militia, some of whom traveled 3,000 miles to be with the family in the dangerous days leading up the standoff at Bunkerville.

It should be noted that the BLM set up a full military camp before attacking Bunkerville.  Cliven’s family clearly saw government snipers on the hills around the ranch.  I went to visit the Bundy ranch on June 12, two months after the standoff to pay my respects and to interview Cliven.  He pointed out where the military camp was situated and the vantage points of high ground occupied by snipers, and the higher ground were his people zeroed their rifles on government guns.

Cliven was gracious.  My interview lasted 90 minutes.   Unfortunately, the digital SD card was damaged beyond repair.  We’ll record a fresh interview in the not too distant future.

cliven-bundy-1-640x426Bonanza Casino Discussion

Cliven spoke of hearing his dogs barking late at night when the sniper shifts changed.  He knew the comings of goings of the armed men as they traversed his property.  They set up road blocks, using unmarked trucks to divert people from the roads, making travel impossible.  He told of the two First Amendment zones, 10 miles apart and how travel between the two areas was nearly impossible.

He spoke with sadness about the rough handling of his children who were set upon by the hired guns, tasered, thrown to the ground, abused by rough handling, handcuffed and arrested by these same forces.  His children and grandchildren were there at ground zero to see what the government was doing to his land and family.  Carol commented to me that her 16 year old grandson grew up very quickly that day as he saw the troops with rifles pointed at their home.  Cliven knew of the hired cowboys who were laying waste to his herd, loading cattle on to carriers for transport to Utah.

These were dark hours and days that led up to the confrontation on April 12, 2014.  Cliven was concerned for his family but he knew something that encouraged him.  Something that probably never occurred to the hundreds of troops surrounding his home.  He knew the courage of the hundreds of people who rallied to his protection came not from the barrel of a gun but from their faith in God and the absolute rightness of their cause.  That made these stalwarts indefatigable. They were fearless.

Cliven then spoke of the final action, where his people marched towards the heavily armored lines of troops at the Virgin River Bridge.  The people were ordered to stand down. They walked forward. They were ordered to retreat, to leave the area.  They walked forward.  The stalwarts refused to stop; advancing forward to face down this army even as they were targeted by sighting lasers.  When the people stood face to face with the troops, one of Cliven’s sons walked forward and told their adversaries across the line:  “THEY had 30 minutes to leave.”  The army turned around and left.

Asked why they came across the country to defend a person they’d never met and scarcely knew, most of the people said they really didn’t know.   Most answered, “They couldn’t exactly say why they came but they just knew they had to go’.

Cliven concluded these ordinary Americans were moved by the same spirit, inspired by the same God, that compelled the Founding Fathers and their militias to straight arm the most powerful military on earth, the British Army with their Hessians and mercenaries.  Freedom and the liberties sought by our ancestors 230 years ago was the same sought by their ancestors who sailed to the New World in order to escape the tyranny and repression in the Old World two centuries prior.  It was that same spirit that infused the hearts of the people at Bundy’s Ranch

Today, that same spirit in the hearts and minds of founders of this country remains alive.  We, the People made that clear during the standoff at Bunkerville.  Mainstream media coverage has faded away, but this event has not passed from the consciousness of the people.  The Bundy family and their thousands of supporters continue to carry the message to the world.  Cliven conducts daily interviews with reporters and journalists from dozens of countries.  He related a brief story of one interview given shortly after the April 12 incident.  Cliven was in church on a Sunday morning when he got a call that a reporter wanted to conduct an interview.

He stepped outside to talk to the reporter and was told that his words would be heard in 72 countries and by over 300,000,000 people.  He told us he took a moment gather his thoughts, asking the Lord for some guidance.  It’s not every day that one person is asked to talk to an audience nearly as large as the entire population of America.  He wanted to make a statement that resonated with the people, encompassed his faith, and that would hopefully inspire.

He told the reporter the message he heard was to tell the people listening, “Be forgiving of those around them, to be forgiving of friends and adversaries alike, to live a life with a happy heart,  as forgiveness was a path to salvation.”  It’s unlikely that our audience was expecting to hear that.  It’s equally unlikely that the millions who heard him expected an answer like that.

Implicit in those words was Cliven’s statement that he truly had forgiven those people who literally and figuratively trespassed against him.  It was in this spirit of forgiveness that he could tell his story and at the same time press home the message that We, the People’s sovereignty must be taken back from government — local, state and Federal.  Forgiving was vital.  Turning the other cheek again was not an option.

We have a sacred duty to take back our freedoms and liberties, Cliven said, to stop a powerful government from running ragged over our sovereignty.  We owe it to pay forward the sacrifices of our forefathers and to see to it that future generations enjoy the same rights and liberties  encompassed in this life-affirming stand.

With courage, fearlessness and fortitude, a simple farmer made a powerful statement heard around the world.

The world is still listening.

Prepper Jack writes for The News Doctors.  Click here to read his other articles.

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TND Exclusive:  Prepper Jack | water_3

Surfing the web this morning, I came across this story: “Beware of the UN Takeover of American Water Supplies.” Having the UN in charge of anything is a recipe for complete disaster. Are you aware of Agenda 21, the globalist’s well thought out plans for corralling of the human population into easily controlled geographical areas such as mega cities? When the words “United Nations” and “Agenda 21″ are used in the same paragraph it makes my blood run cold. But this got me to thinking it would be wise to talk about water for all you preppers out here.

There is a truism in prepping that one must memorize before you engaging in the task of prioritizing stocks and supplies. It’s called the Rule of Threes:

1. You can go 3 minutes without air
2. You can go 3 days without water
3. You can go 3 weeks without food
4. You can go 3 months without hope

These are rough rules of thumb. Make your plans based on these priorities. Water is second on the list but, in reality, your access to clean water can make the difference between survival and death. If you run out of air, water and food become irrelevant. Assuming you have breathable air, if you don’t have water in less than 3 hours you could become severely dehydrated if you don’t replace water lost through heavy activity. Surviving in calamitous times is very stressful.

Dehydration can become debilitating to the point that you can easily lose your bearings — lose your abilities to think coherently. That’s a ticket to disaster for you and those around you. Your disability falls on others as they’re forced to rescue you. You become part of the problem, not part of the solution. It’s difficult to self-rescue once dehydration sets in. It is very difficult to drink enough water to replace your losses. If your water’s impure, contaminated with pollutants or biological agents, your allotted 3 days will be gravely shortened, as could be your life.

Buying, stocking and storing 1 month of clean water is almost ridiculously simple and very low cost. The day you run out of water is the day you’ll fall into the hands of those who have water. Call it “Hydraulic Despotism,” a phrase coined by Frank Herbert, author of the “Dune” series. His stories of a desert planet where running water was unknown is the type of book that makes you appreciate having a good supply of H20.

Every person who makes plans for water sufficiency should have a 5 layer system. Plan 1 and 2 is to have at least 2 gallons per person per day. Plan for your pets water needs too. One gallon is for drinking. One gallon is for cooking and sanitation. An extra gallon is stored for good measure. A family of 4 needs a minimum of 8 gallons a day. Twelve gallons is better. How do you get to that level of water security? It’s easier than you might think. Here are some steps to consider:

1. Secure fast access water in the form of 1 gallon plastic bottles. 4 gallons per day. 120 gals. stocked at home.

2. Deep storage Water PODS: 100 gallon plastic containers filled in your bathtubs; 2 BOBs = 200 gallons.

3. Get Filtration units by Berkey, Life Straws, Katadyn, etc. DIY filters are also good. Study up on this subject

4. Nearby water sources: wells, aquifers, streams, lakes and ponds. Filter or boil all free standing water.

5. Recycled water for any source that is made safe by boiling or sterilization with ordinary bleach.

Each time you think about water and survival, think about a novel way that you can access water for you and your family. See it; say it; buy it; store it. A one month supply is the minimum a prepared person should have at their fingertips. With a month supply of water you can literally button up your home, making it possible for you and your family to survive in place for 30 days without falling to the tender mercies of those who would remove the responsibility for personal safety and make it theirs.

You trust yourself. Your family trusts you. Do you want to leave the safety of your family in the hands of others, none of whom is going to have your well being uppermost in their minds?

There’s another truism in prepping. If you’re in a crisis situation, you must buy time to think clearly and coherently. If you find you’re desperate for water and have none, coherent thinking goes out the window. The vital task of rational, critical thinking is impossible when you’re thirsty and your brain is deprived of water.


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TND Article Review: Prepper Jack |coffee-can-survival-kit

Heads up caffeine addicts. If you find yourself getting jealous over the people who build EDCs (Everyday Carry kits) from Altoid tins read on. With all due respect to the Altoid tin advocates, creativity comes in all shapes and sizes.

Don’t throw away containers without regard to their secondary uses! Coffee and paint cans are nearly air and water proof, hard sided and quite solid. You can even buy paint cans in sizes ranging from 1 pint to 1 gallon at the local hardware store for a dollar or two. You might also try asking baristas at a local coffee shop if they have empty metal cans. Those are free for the asking.

While I like ammo cans and small backpacks for my prepper packs and “go bags,” these small metal containers make first-rate for survival kits. Survival Life published a great article on this subject. Click here to dive deeper. Even if you don’t use a coffee can for your survival pack, the list of contents noted in the article makes for good reading.

Happy prepping!

TND Exclusive:  Prepper Jack | big reno show

About now, August 17, 2014, the Big Reno Gun Show is winding down.  Vendors are packing up what little inventory they didn’t sell.   The last few buyers are moving quickly between the tables looking to score a last minute deal.  Sellers don’t like packing up heavy awkward items like rifles, ammo cans and the vast amount of minutia that has to go back in the boxes for the next gun show so they tend to offer discounts.  I reviewed the Reno Gun show last August.  Click here to read that write-up. How times have changed, and for the better.

My friend and I went to the Reno show at 9 AM Friday August 17,  with a shopping list in hand.  We decided to go early, not knowing how things would  work out.  Would we wait an hour in line?  Will there be early bird sales?  Will prices be bumped to get the most from the first buyers?  Will the good stuff be scoured from the stands before the big weekend rush?  Frankly, nothing like this happened.

The lines were modest; just a few minutes wait to get in.  This time gun check people were at the Grand Sierra Casino’s front doors. That was new.  There is a rule, written or not, that loaded firearms are not appreciated in casinos at any time.  With the sound of money in the air, this Casino welcomes guests, buyers and sellers coming heavy, loaded down with more artillery than on the beaches at D-Day.  We unloaded our backpacks, pockets and holsters, looking more like the scene in Maverick, where Brett divests himself of all his pocket rockets.  Security checked magazines, receivers and holsters to make sure we weren’t bringing any contraband, like a loaded mouse gun in the boot holster. (They missed my mouse gun. I never go light to a casino.)

We were surprised at a couple of things from initial impressions.  There were no lines at either of Miwall’s large  ammo booths.  They tables and shelves were stocked full.  The crowds were large and  were spending money on just about anything on the tables.  We moved quickly from table to table.  This show covers two full rooms, two acres of selling space.  A show with 1,600 tables is a target-rich environment.  We were able to buy  the specialty ammo my friend needed for personal defense and  shooting classes.  We found a very nice, private sale used Mossberg 22 LR semi auto for $135.  Ten round mags were still costly at $25 each.  Given that a used Ruger 10-22 might run you $200-250 and a new one gets close to $300, it was a reasonable deal.

22 Caliber Long Rifle was available without limit from private sellers.  The cost ranged from $60-65 per 500 round brick. I didn’t see anyone carry cases of 22 cal, so the price break point at $60 was probably causing people to hold back.  The ammo retailers didn’t have 22 cal LR since that’s not a particularly profitable ammunition.  They did have nearly unlimited amounts of all the popular pistol, rifle and shotgun ammunition.  Prices were more than 50% lower than the Reno Gun show of early 2013.  As a matter of fact, with no lines and no limits, the buying experience was fairly routine and enjoyable.  We saw people with dollies full of ammo cases being toted to the exit doors.

We found  223/5.56 ranged from  $190 per 1000 for steel cased Wolf,  $210 for  brass case factory reloads, and roughly $315-350 for 1,000 rounds of factory new ammo.  Keep in mind that a re-loadable brass casing for 223 or 5.56 is worth 10 cents and can be reloaded 5-10 times, you are paying closer to 11 cents a round given the post-brass price.  If you don’t reload, then the factory reloads were a good deal.  I have a few thousand rounds of that ammo for practice.

The Wolf steel cased 223 is still a subject for great debate. I like it for plinking but only use it in an AR 15 with a worn barrel.   Purists say it wears the receiver and damages the extractor. Does that happen?  The answer is yes with a qualifier.  Go to  You Tube and you’ll find many videos that dispel that notion.  Steel case has it’s qualities and wear to your receiver is one of them.  But the wear is negligible.  Extractors are damaged if the extraction cycle is slightly out of phase on very short barreled AR rifles.  There are rumors that this same Wolf goes for $175 per 1,000 rounds on a few internet sites.  If  you are not a re-loader, go with Wolf if the price hits your buy point and free shipping is included.  You generally avoid sales tax.  That is a distinct savings as well. If you like reloading your 223, then the factory reloads at $210 per 1,000  rounds is a deal.  I like both classes of 223, brass or steel, since a few friends are avid re-loaders.

Remember when 223 was $900-1,000 for 1,000 rounds?  And 7.62×39 was $350-400 per 1,000?  Say sayonara to those prices.  Think 50-65% less and abundant quantities.

Saiga12 Build by "The Hunter Of Skulls"

Saiga12 Build by “The Hunter Of Skulls”

That does bring me to a sore subject for those of you who like the Commie rifles.  I’m fair and balanced. I like AKs, SKS and ARs.  When  Obama signed the Executive Order sanctioning and banning many AK models, the AK 47 has been hard to find.  A Saiga 12 GA shotgun was on  my buy list 2 months ago.  The Saiga price went from $700 before the EO to $900, then $1,100 then $1,500 then to something that resembles unobtanium.   The VEPR also experienced a similar increase in price. Paying $1,500 for a shotgun is a non-starter with me.  I can buy 4 decent fully equipped Mossberg 500’s for that price.

China makes a decent AK Saiga knock-off that retails between $400 and $500.  It doesn’t take Saiga Mags but there is a rumor that a McGyver tweak can remedy that.   That Chinese model is called the Catamount Fury II. It uses  5 round mags but the price point makes it an attractive alternative to the Saiga.  It’s worth a look given the internet reviews and videos.  Rumor has it they will start making 10 round detachable magazines in the future.  You might want to add this to your wish list if you missed the Saiga before the price increase.

Pistol ammunition was in abundance and down even more than another Reno Gun show from 4 months ago.  45 cal with brass casing was around $300 per 1000.  This is factory ammo so the brass would be worth 10 or more reloads. That is a real cost factor when calculating the all in price.  Think 20 cents per round post brass cost, and now you are back to the prices of 2-3 years ago.   Steel case and reloaded 45 cal was well under $300 per 1000.  9mm was down into the $225 per 1000 rounds with a couple of retailers offering $200 per 1000 cash price. The Fed says inflation is 2%.  Others say 10%.  In 3 years the inflation built into the production of ammo and its components has become embedded in the retail price.  We need to factor this into our price equations so I am not disappointed in what we saw last Friday.

I didn’t check shotgun ammo in detail for prices but they were lower than several months ago.  You can go to the internet and find decent factory ammo, both domestic and foreign, running at $25 per 100 for bird and as low as $70 per 100 for buck and slug.  Just 4 months my team bought attended the Front Sight 4 day Tactical Shotgun class.   We  each brought 250 rounds of buck and the same number of slugs.  The best on line, seller, with free shipping, came to $1 per round for the buck and slugs.  That price is down now by at least 20-25%,  depending on brand and popularity of the caliber.

The tables were covered with firearms of all types, including many private sellers displaying their wares.  Private sellers were less common several months ago.  Their prices  then were equal to or greater than the retailers.  The asking price at a private seller booth is  down from previous months.  I expect that is more due to a need to liquidate personal collections than people trying to flip guns for a profit.  Private sellers don’t want to go home with what they brought to the show.

The retail firearm vendors had not come off their prices from the last few shows.  Two days before the Reno gun show Cabela’s carried a big gun ad in the local papers.   They advertised the most popular models of pistols, rifles and shotguns with an automatic $50 off.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Cabela’s management knew the Big Reno Show would suck the air out of the retail gun buying market.  Those Cabela incentives could take the normal gun show retail prices down by 10-15%.  I expect that those retailers did not get the memo.

For the price aware buyers there’s the  matter of sales tax and Brady check which adds 7.725% and $25.  When a buyer goes to a sporting goods retailer they have shopped the best prices so the tax and Brady sometimes shock them.   I don’t know how that worked out for Cabela’s this last weekend and if it affected gun show sale but I do know that gun buyers are very price conscious.  A 10% difference is $50 and that almost always gets the average buyer’s attention.

We spent about 3 hours scouring the tables for bargains.  The few we encountered entered the shopping bag.  The environment of the gun show has retailers open to some bargaining.  They like cash offers followed with the question, ‘can we do business without involving the government?’   We both have AK 15 pistols which feature very rudimentary sighting systems.  A green laser became an essential.  We picked up two rail mounted lasers for $175 for the pair, saving $25.

Keltec P-32

Keltec P-32

The only firearm we were not able to find was the Keltec P-32.  Some of you know I now carry this mouse gun on a regular basis.  It is now scarcer than Saigas.  It’s unavailable at this date.  I like it because it’s one of the most easily concealable pistols.  It fits in a pocket, a little IWB holster, a shirt pocket or even in a boot.  Though it’s only a 32 caliber, when equipped with 85 grain Hydrashock rounds I am quite comfortable with its capacity to take care of business.

The overall atmosphere of this gun show was one where sellers had well stocked tables, buyers had well stocked wallets, and smiles were seen on many faces.  A good time was had by all.

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