Theater of the Absurd: With WikiLeaks publishing emails showing how the Clinton clique sabotaged Bernie Sanders’s campaign, the corporate media has displayed oddly misdirected outrage – outrage NOT at Clinton for cheating the hapless Bernie out of the nomination, but rather at Russian President Vladimir Putin. Yes, it was all Putin’s fault.

hillary emailTND Interview Spotlight:  Ray McGovern

TND Editor’s Note:  Ray McGovern public Facebook note on interview:

Hillary Clinton’s Email Albatross: New Interview

“Why The Clinton Email Scandal Is Not Just a Right Wing Creation”

Rising-Up Host, Sonali Kolhatkar, May 27 interview of Ray (video and podcast, including downloadable mp3 file)

Aired on May 31, this interview follows:

(1) May 23 VIPS Memorandum for the President urging him to encourage quick completion of the FBI investigation (click here for text)

“ … order Attorney General Loretta Lynch to instruct the FBI to stop slow-walking the email investigation and release its findings promptly. …”

(2) May 25 release of the State Department Inspector General report

(Despite the most practiced spinners, it could not be spun.)

(3) Hillary Clinton’s Imperious Brush-Off of Security Regulations

Ray McGovern, May 25, 2016, commentary on State IG report…/clintons-imperious-brush-off-…/

(4) May 26 by NYT Editorial Board: “Clinton’s inexcusable, willful disregard for the rules”

“She repeatedly ignored warnings not to use private email during her tenure as secretary of state … We urge the FBI to finish its own investigation soon, so all information about this troubling episode will be before the voters.”…/0089e942-22ae-11e6-9e7f-57…

It would be good if the people of California knew about all this.

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TND VideoCast Spotlight:  Ron Paul Liberty Report

The long-awaited final report of the Dutch Safety Board on the 2014 shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17 over Ukraine came out yesterday, but it offered very little in terms of what actually happened. With the most powerful intelligence apparatus on earth, how is it that the US cannot bring forth evidence to back its claims about Russian responsibility? As Liberty Report guest, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern says today, it’s not that the US does not have the information but rather that the evidence it has does not match the US propaganda line:


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rpilogo-final The above appeared at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity website and is reprinted with permission.  To visit the website, click here. Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity is a project of Dr. Paul’s Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (F.R.E.E.), founded in the 1970s as an educational organization. The Institute continues and expands Dr. Paul’s lifetime of public advocacy for a peaceful foreign policy and the protection of civil liberties at home.  The Institute mobilizes colleagues and collaborators of Dr. Paul’s to participate in a broad coalition to educate and advocate for fundamental changes in our foreign and domestic policy.  To support the institute’s important work, click here. TND full (1)

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