Regardless of one’s opinion about Donald Trump, it is entirely unacceptable that mainstream media are purposefully operating like spin machines, framing reality rather than reporting on basic facts and letting you make up your own mind as to how to interpret reality.  The mainstream media calls The News Doctors “Fake News”?  Lunacy.  – Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors

Managing Repurchase agreements are one of the primary central banker tools to keep this financial markets juggling act sustained.  Repos are one of the tools of the monetary masters of the universe.  Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall pull back the curtain. – E.D.


I sat down with author of The Big Reset and a great many other books, Willem Middelkoop. Mr. Middelkoop, a highly respected voice on the SDR topic, gold and the global monetary system, explained how the changes that have taken place will not impact the current status quo for quiet some time.

You know Mining CEO Keith Neumeyer for his expertise in precious metals.  Rory Hall polls Mr. Neumeyer on more than just precious metals in this outstanding interview.  Catch my Silver Doctors interview too: click here.  – E.D.

What’s next?  Deutsche Bank coming to a settlement regarding their participation in the rigging of the London bullion market?  We’ll probably hear news on that front before the end of the year as the company tries to bury its sins.  DB will need one heck of a large hole, as there’s much the company would like to bury, and billion dollar fines have become nothing more than a cost of doing business in the world of too big to fail “investment” banking. – E.D.

Yesterday, Dave Kranzler published an article (click here) torpeedoing the hype about a failure to deliver physical gold and Deutsche Bank, Deutshe Borse and the Xetra-Gold Notes.  Alternative media fell off the turnip truck.  Kranzler, a gold fund manager, sets the record straight. – Eric Dubin

You Tube (YT) recently announced they were making changes to their monetization policy. First, the policy was implemented several weeks before YT announced there would be a change. This is now the norm where policies, at all levels of our lives, are first implemented and then discussed publicly.

I sat down with Larry White, LoneStarWhiteHouse, as he is one of the few people that have been following the SDR, reporting on the communique’s coming from the BIS and IMF and is in regular contact with former IMF officials as well as people like Jim Rickards and Willem Middlekoop. – Rory Hall

Have you ever heard of the Group of Thirty? Me neither until the morning of August 4, 2016.  If you have ever heard George Carlin refer to the “big club” he must have been referencing the G30. This group reads like a rogues gallery of former Chairmen of central banks, current “leadership” of the too big jail banks and other “academia” that now congregate to determine how our wealth will be distributed among themselves and their criminal friends.