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Published On: Thu, Aug 27th, 2015

The Emotional Appeal of Liberty – Lauren Rumpler


Fact 1: Liberty has an incredible, intrinsic and rhapsodical emotional appeal.

Fact 2: Most of the liberty community is neglecting to shed light on this fact and it is, in turn, stunting the growth of the movement.

TND Guest Contributor:  Lauren Rumpler9e9fc5983554c7f51b4e8d13fb431b81-250x150

I’ve been talking to people in the liberty community for years about their approach to liberty. Some say we should be working toward sustainable agriculture, some say we need to be innovating and creating technology that is better than what the state has, and then there is a small minority that believes if we do enough civil disobedience the world will change (an approach I view as being as effective as chewing on glass to fix your teeth).

While all of these approaches, even a little civil disobedience (particularly the ones that don’t land you in a cage, effectively giving you less liberty), are important to creating the future that we desire as anarchists, these are not going to be the turning points for more people who take the red pill. You can’t use logic to convert a person whose ideas are based on emotion. So we need to fight emotion with emotion and the strongest emotion of all is people’s desire to have their weirdness accepted.

It was not the things that Morpheus said to Neo that made him wake up to the reality of the existence of the Matrix. It was the experience he had after taking the red pill that made him see the truth, that he was strapped into a machine and part of it function (a beautiful metaphor for a lack of individuality). It was the experience and joy that being free from that link that brought Neo to fight for the power to sustain the freedom he found. The truth is, too many people in the community are focused on trying to introduce liberty to people with their words, but freedom is not just and idea, something that can be entirely communicated. It is more than that, it is an experience.  People store their individuality away in a dark closet in a dark room most of the time. They’re afraid that the world can’t accept their weirdness and the liberty movement’s ability to accept anyone’s weirdness (well most of us anyway), is what makes the movement so endearing. At PorcFest I can be anyone I want, at Liberty Forum I can give talks on Satanism is that’s my thing, at LibertyFest I can cheer for a cause and have a lot of other people in the room cheering with me.


Do you know why this is so effective? Because people want to bring their weirdness out of the dark closet and shed light on it. They want to be PROUD OF IT. And being proud of individuality is the only thing that is ever going to bring about liberty. No technology, no agriculture, no book is more powerful than the feeling of freedom one gets from being accepted for exactly who they are.

This feeling is so powerful songs are written about it and we look for it our whole lives. We long for that one person to share our deepest secrets with and have complete visibility. If we can create a culture where everyone is able to be visible with everyone, to be vulnerable, all the other goals will be accomplished.

Most people live a collectivist life outside that little dark closet where they hide their individuality. Knowing this, is it any wonder that people don’t believe in the message of freedom?

The renaissance of individuality needs to come before we can hope for anything “sustainable.” With the state of the human spirit right now, they will destroy all the good created because they can’t recognize its necessity. They can’t stand in awe of the world until they actually see it, right now, the world is blindfolded… masked from all the beauty and wonder… How can we hope for them to recognize genius when their collective hive they are hooked up to feeds them the belief that good is evil, right is wrong, and love is hate.

We live under a culture of collectivism. Until we flip the switch and think like individuals we can’t have anything sustainable. Pointing out instances of individuality whenever we can shows the rest of the world that they’re not alone. It allows them to fly their freak flag unabashedly and the more they do this, the more diverse people will realize they are and the more pressure we are putting on the switch.

So lets use that emotion to start some motion.

-In Reason, Lauren Rumpler

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About Lauren Rumpler

Lauren NicoleLauren Rumpler, popularly known as Objectivist Girl, has been speaking on philosophy on shows like Anarchast, Free Talk Live, and Page Against The Machine. She has also spoken on a variety of different topics at Porcfest and led the “Ladies Panel” at Keenevention.  Click here to visit Lauren Rumpler Productions, where you can also access her social media accounts.

If you want to learn how to more effectively communicate the ideas of liberty in a way that will grow numbers in troves, learn how to appeal to the emotional nature of people.  I am spending a large amount of my time studying the way the human psyche works in order to use that to bring people to liberty.  Please join me in learning this important information so that you can help others see the light of liberty.  Click here to join me at my Facebook page.  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel:  Click here.

This article was originally published at and is reprinted with permission.

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