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‘The Money Mafia’ – Paul T. Hellyer, Former Canadian Defense & Transport Minister on Oligarchs Seeking New World Order

TND Podcast Spotlight:  Bristol Broadband Co-operative

Paul_T_Hellyer_The_Money_MafiaAt 24 minute, 55 second mark:  The Honourable Paul T. Hellyer, former Canadian defence & transport minister joins us to discuss the looming financial crisis caused by what Paul calls ‘The Money Mafia‘. He expains how ‘the cabal’ of the Bilderberg group, Council on Foreign Relations and BIS Central Bankers have complete control of the Western world and want a One World Government which they control as an elite with the rest of us hopelessly in debt. Thankfully in his new book ‘The Money Mafia’ he also presents solutions, such as governments creating debt-free money themselves but explains we better hurry up because unless we act now against this New World Order, Fourth Reich, to regain control of money we could be enslaved.

First interview:  Peter Campbell-Barker was a rock and pop musician who went to Africa in 1967. There he soon became interested in various witchcraft practices of the native witchdoctors and began gathering information about these cults, particularly in Malawi. He tells several stories about what he found there and how it influenced his born-again Christian beliefs. Guided by a fellow US researcher he even says he saw the power of prayer destroy some peculiar disc in the sky at one of these native magic or witchcraft rituals. Peter then gives us his thoughts about witchcraft in the West and what the Bible prophecies in the book of Revelation for the mark of the beast and the future rule by the antichrist who he believes will be Greek.

Source:  Bristol Broadband Co-operative can be downloaded at a-infos radio project.

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  1. Eric Dubin says:

    It’s difficult to find a former high level government official so frank and well versed about the problems of the international monetary system and the oligarchs using it to concentrate wealth and power. For that reason alone, I’m pleased to bring this recording to the TND audience.

    However, it’s quite disappointing to hear someone so well informed about some of the tools and mechanics of our would be rulers completely miss the fact that the entire regime of solutions to the so-called “problem” of global climate change further big government control, and yet another means of taxing the sheeple, and allocating just how much resources the little people can use, influencing resource use by influencing the cost and even quota of permitted energy usage through the backdoor means of controlling carbon dioxide, the byproduct of the use of most of the energy used by humanity.

    Regardless of how one comes down on the debate about anthropogenic global warming / climate change, the fact is the “solutions” proposed to address the “problem” will constantly present the risk of ever-more Orwellian, big government social intermediation of our lives.

  2. Sovereign Economist says:

    Well, Eric, THAT IS the rub, isn’t it? That the way to direct the masses in the direction they need to go, is through a big government styled process. Sadly, the species hasn’t figured out how to diversify and distribute a unified focus and direction into the populace without a strong ‘ordering and coordinating’ power to push it. The leadership that it takes to move humanity in a ‘forward’ direction is seemingly beyond that humanity’s ability to create without a top-down leadership structure which succumbs to the human trait of greed and corrupted morals and integrity when granted this authority over others. I suspect that this is the major reason why history is so annoyingly repetitive in the manner of recording failed societies and civilizations.