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Published On: Fri, Nov 11th, 2016

The Real Reasons Why Corrupt Hillary Clinton Lost the 2016 Election – Jason Burack

I did not vote for Donald Trump.  That said, the politically correct (PC) backlash we’re seeing in the U.S. is over the top.

TND Exclusive:  Jason Burack | Wall St. For Main St. 

I did not vote for Donald Trump.  That said, the politically correct (PC) backlash we’re seeing in the U.S. is over the top.  Brainwashed, hardcore Progressive male and female Hillary Clinton supporters have flooded Facebook, Twitter, and are oozing out of social media into the streets, arguing that anyone who voted Trump is a misogynist, racist, sexist or a bigot.  After not properly warning the American public about the 2008 financial crisis and then intentionally being biased for Hillary Clinton the entire campaign, the mainstream media should lose all or nearly all of its remaining credibility. Van Jones of CNN even said that Hillary Clinton lost because of “whitelash” from white, male voters.

What these PC people don’t like to talk about is that Donald Trump surprisingly did much better than many experts and talking heads predicted he would with Latino, African American and female voters and that Donald Trump was the first Republican candidate, since Ronald Reagan in 1980, to flip normally Democrat Midwest states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Many of these people making these types of comments are extremely angry and full of sour grapes and are blaming sexism as the main reason for why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential election. There are many, many reasons why Hillary Clinton surprisingly lost this election and none of the main reasons she lost have anything to do with sexism. Here’s the top 13 reasons in my humble opinion why Hillary Clinton lost this election to Donald Trump:

  1. Hillary Clinton essentially ran on a “4 more years of Obama” platform (Obama himself said Hillary would extend his hope and change legacy) and many Americans were not happy with the state of the economy and broken promises by Obama during his 8 years as president. Obama actually delivered little hope and basically no change.
  2. Rising Obamacare premiums are unaffordable for many Americans and are drastically hurting the standard of living of many middle class and working class Americans. Hillary Clinton had attempted to pass different versions of this bill starting when she was First Lady.
  3. Small Business Owners Revolt- Many American small business owners were tired of all the taxes, rules and regulations preventing them from hiring full time employees and growing their businesses. Obamacare taxes on small business may have been the last straw. Julian Assange (I disagree with him about this) said that only ‘White Trash’ will vote for Donald Trump. That’s simply not true. Many highly educated, successful small business owners voted for Donald Trump. The mainstream media doesn’t want the truth out that lots of millionaires (not crony billionaires) voted for Trump. Donald Trump actually pulled more of the Latino vote than almost anyone expected and Donald Trump pulled a respectable 52% of the white women vote.
  4. The North and Midwest Remembers (NAFTA)!- This is clearly a Game of Thrones reference, but many American factory workers in the Rust Belt and Midwest remember how Bill Clinton (with Hillary’s full support) championed how NAFTA would bring prosperity to the US economy only to be totally screwed over by the trade deal. 20 years later, many millions of jobs that Ross Perot said would be lost by NAFTA were never replaced and millions of Americans have fallen on hard times. Donald Trump is probably right about NAFTA being the worst trade deal in the history of the US. It needs to be renegotiated. Hopefully, Obama doesn’t try to sneak TPP (Hillary Clinton was clearly a pro TPP candidate), etc through during this lame duck session before he leaves in January.
  5. Calling half the country ‘Deplorables’ is not a good way to convince Republicans who didn’t like Donald Trump to vote for her. She probably already thought she was a lock to win the election when she said this comment because the fix was in by the mainstream media and she was polling very well in the rigged mainstream media polls that proved to be embarrassingly wrong. Hillary Clinton didn’t think she needed any more votes to win the election when she said called many Americans that nasty term and it clearly backfired on her when it came time to actually vote.
  6. Insulting Bernie Sanders supporters (we know this from WikiLeaks) and still expecting to get almost all of the Bernie Sanders supporters to vote for her instead. It looks like the “Never Hillary” “Never Trump” crowd decided to not vote or they voted for 3rd party candidates like Gary John and Jill Stein.
  7. Despite corrupt James Comey closing the reopening of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, the Clinton Foundation is still being investigated by both the FBI and the IRS and many Americans are aware of the multitude of crimes that the Clinton Foundation has committed. Loretta Lynch and James Comey being replaced with less corrupt, more honest and competent officials will most likely mean reopening of investigations, many indictments and charges to come from these scandals. The massive Clinton Foundation scandal hanging over Hillary’s head the day of voting did not help her chances with undecided voters, swing voters or independents.
  8. Voter turnout was very low compared to past elections. Roughly 9 million less people voted than 4 years ago. Many Obama and Bernie Sanders supporters decided not to vote. About half the US adult population chose to not even vote.
  9. The mainstream media cheerleaded, shilled and ran propaganda/advertising/PR for Hillary and many Americans did not appreciate having such biased, subjective political hacks masquerading as real objective journalism. Many Americans could tell they were being lied to by the mainstream media to make Hillary Clinton look like a better candidate than she really was.
  10. In exit polling, about 65% of American voters said they were ‘very upset’ with the content of the emails WikiLeaks revealed and the way Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff spoke about many different groups of Americans, her Wall St speeches, open borders, etc.
  11. Hillary Clinton was clearly not honest with her responses to authorities over her FBI private server email investigations and her behavior in handling of evidence during the investigation was less than exemplary. Many Americans saw through her rehearsed responses about this and about 70% of voters believe she’s a pathological liar.
  12. While being Teflon coated for the most part despite over 30 years of scandals, her past finally caught up to her. American voters looked at the totality of all the past scandals Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were involved in (without them being charged or convicted) and decided that all the future scandals and drama they could have created in the White House wasn’t worth it.
  13. Hillary Clinton is a status quo candidate and many people said in exit polling they wanted a ‘change’ candidate. Hillary had record support from Wall Street (investment bank and hedge fund employees warned about donating and voting for Trump), the massive, corrupt political machine in DC, large corporations (many corporations told their employees they risked being fired for publicly supporting Trump on social media), Hollywood and the mainstream media (every newspaper and media channel endorsed HRC). Voting for Trump by many was seen as a middle finger to the status quo and that “business as usual” in DC and large corporations in the US wasn’t working. The economy also clearly hasn’t improved for most Americans since the 2008 financial crisis and 8 years of the Obama Administration. In exit polling, about 53% of American voters said improving the economy was the most important issue to them.


I could name a bunch more reasons using the information we have learned from Wikileaks, the Project Veritas undercover investigative journalism videos, former Clinton insiders telling the truth about how the Clintons act and politically operate, and the voting and data learned from exit polling to add more reasons why Hillary Clinton lost this election. I will stop with 13.

In conclusion, in a presidential race where many Americans thought both candidates were horrible candidates, Americans across the country voted and decided that Donald Trump was less horrible and deserved to win the election and it had absolutely nothing to do with Hillary Clinton being a woman.

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