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US Dollar Reserve & Trade Status: Eric Dubin and Dr. Dave Janda Discuss Big Picture Developments

TND Podcast Spotlight:  By Eric Dubin and Dr. Dave Janda |

dollar-gasp-debasementYesterday, I spoke with Dr. Dave Janda about big picture dynamics concerning the US dollar’s trade and reserve currency status.  It’s possible that an over-night or over-weekend shift could transition the global financial system away from dollar dominance — along with a sizable haircut to dollar purchasing power of 30% or more.  However, I believe an evolutionary process is more probable, where at least half of the eventual debasement the dollar will take place in smaller steps over the coming years.  Time will tell…

The mainstream media dismisses the inevitability of this shift.  Many Americans consider talk of the demise of “King Dollar” as nothing more than conspiracy theory.  Ignorance is not bliss.  US policy makers actively debate how to deal with this inevitable transition.  You’ll have to review think tank reports, policy papers from NGOs like the International Monetary Fund and quality business press to see their open discussion.  But it’s not hidden.  This is no conspiracy theory and American dollar purchasing power is cruising for a bruising.

To stream or download an mp3 of my discussion with Dr. Janda, click here.

Dr. Janda and I only scratched the surface.  TND will have more radio programs and articles addressing the dollar in the weeks ahead.

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Dr. Janda is an orthopedic surgeon based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  He’s also the host of “Operation Freedom,” a popular radio show airing on Ann Arbor-based WAAM Talk 1600am every Sunday from 3 to 5pm eastern.  You can listen to the show at his website, which is easy to remember.  It’s simply his name.

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